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  1. I am somewhat disappointed that I do not receive any reaction to the problem described here. In the meantime, I have found out that the sync service can be restarted when you stop the sync service with sudo systemctl stop resilio-sync and systemctl --user stop resilio-sync and start it again with systemctl --user start resilio-sync In addition, after switching to another user under Ubuntu, you must first stop and restart the services as described so that the sync process runs properly.
  2. This sync issue has nothing to do with an upgrade. It was just a coincidence. After I didn't get a response to my first request, I uninstalled resilio sync and reinstalled it. After a few days, the same phenomenon occurred again. The files are no longer synchronized. The client of resilio sync from this computer no longer appears in the clients of resilio sync on other computers. If you log in via the web gui of resilio sync, you won't get to the previous settings. It starts again with the initial setup.
  3. I installed Resilio on Ubuntu 18.04 from repository and ran Sync under current user(s). I started using Resilio with two different users at the same computer and synced folders between them an other computers with configurating them with the web-gui. Right at the beginning, I couldn't configure the settings of the users with die web-gui anymore because resilio always asked for a new user configuration. But it worked (synced) and so I didn't dare. After upgrading to Ubuntu 18.10 and an (automatic) upgrade of Resilio the computer doesn't sync anymore. Resilio still starts with entry systemctl --user start resilio-sync in gnome-session-property. and seem to be active, when I use systemctl --user status resilio-sync it shows ● resilio-sync.service - Resilio Sync service Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/user/resilio-sync.service; enabled; vendor p Active: active (running) since Fri 2018-10-26 21:08:55 CEST; 2min 10s ago Docs: https://help.getsync.com/ Process: 4380 ExecStart=/usr/bin/rslsync --config /home/frank/.config/resili Process: 4377 ExecStartPre=/etc/resilio-sync/init_user_config.sh (code=exited, Main PID: 4391 (rslsync) CGroup: /user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service/resilio-sync.service └─4391 /usr/bin/rslsync --config /home/frank/.config/resilio-sync/c Okt 26 21:08:55 frank-XPS-15-9530 systemd[3034]: Starting Resilio Sync service Okt 26 21:08:55 frank-XPS-15-9530 systemd[3034]: resilio-sync.service: Failed Okt 26 21:08:55 frank-XPS-15-9530 systemd[3034]: Started Resilio Sync service. But it doesn't sync and Resilio on the other computers doesn't show this computer anymore. Any ideas how to fix that? Thanks.
  4. Thanks. Great work! Does it also work with Ubuntu 15.10 64bit because I have several PCs with the old version of Tuxpoldo which is stuck on Btsync 1.4.111?
  5. That would be awsome. We are still using 'Debian And Ubuntu Legacy Desktop Unofficial Packages For Bittorrent Sync' from Tuxpoldo with 6 PCs. But this Package still use Bittorrent Sync 1.4.111. Tuxpoldo seems to have set his work. An official .deb package of bittorrent sync for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome would be great.
  6. Works fine on many Linux Systems with Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, Ubuntu 12.04 32bit (all with debian desktop gui) and a Fedora 20 System. Thanks to all developers including the developer for debian desktop gui. I'd like to see such a desktop gui for fedora, too.
  7. Canonical stops its storage service ubuntu one in the coming months. The code of the synchronization software is to be released as open source. Compared to btsync ubuntu one does not need as much computing power. Maybe you can improve btsync on the basis of the source code. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2014/04/canonical-axe-ubuntu-one-file-music-services-grab-data-now
  8. I wasn't referring to a folder's initial indexing. I was referring to the "rescans". They need a long time every time I startup the PCs (Linux Ubuntu 12.04 64bit, 32bit, Linux Ubuntu 13.10 64bit).
  9. Bittorrent still keeps indexing for a very long time (for about 150 GB data) every time I startup the PC. Ubuntu One works much better with this amount of data. Is there a plan to modify bittorrent sync for better indexing?
  10. I can not wait for the new version 1.2. The software bittorrent sync is terrific but the very long time for indexing every time you start the computer and the associated strain on system resources is still a shortage.
  11. I use two linux servers in two different networks (192.168.ABC.X and 192.168.DEF.X) who are connected to each other via VPN. On both servers are the same folders /srv/sharedfolder. The data of this folders are synced with btsync. Both servers offers an access to the stored files for Windows clients without passwords etc. with Samba. The samba configuration is: [sharedfolder] path = /srv/sharedfolder public = yes writeable = yes printable = no guest ok = yes create mask = 777 directory mask = 777 After syncing the data with btsync from one server to the other a windows client in the other network can open the synced file but not overwrite it. To do that I have to set the ownership of the files on the server in the other network from 770 to 777 manually after syncing. Is there a way to configure btsync or samba to keep the rights of the files?
  12. BTSync Build: 1.1.33 works great with Ubuntu 12.04 32bit, 64bit, Ubuntu 13.04 64bit on many different PCs
  13. Thank you. This tool is the holy grail!
  14. How do I exclude a sub-folder from the sync? Could you give an example please? Thanks.
  15. 1. Does a .SyncIgnore file in a sync folder works with all sub folders? 2. Is it possible to use a .SyncIgnore file in a folder and another .SyncIgnore file in a sub folder with further rules? 3. Is it possible to use a .SyncIgnore file in a sub folder with * so that no files are synced from this subfolder?