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  1. I am somewhat disappointed that I do not receive any reaction to the problem described here. In the meantime, I have found out that the sync service can be restarted when you stop the sync service with sudo systemctl stop resilio-sync and systemctl --user stop resilio-sync and start it again with systemctl --user start resilio-sync In addition, after switching to another user under Ubuntu, you must first stop and restart the services as described so that the sync process runs properly.
  2. This sync issue has nothing to do with an upgrade. It was just a coincidence. After I didn't get a response to my first request, I uninstalled resilio sync and reinstalled it. After a few days, the same phenomenon occurred again. The files are no longer synchronized. The client of resilio sync from this computer no longer appears in the clients of resilio sync on other computers. If you log in via the web gui of resilio sync, you won't get to the previous settings. It starts again with the initial setup.
  3. I installed Resilio on Ubuntu 18.04 from repository and ran Sync under current user(s). I started using Resilio with two different users at the same computer and synced folders between them an other computers with configurating them with the web-gui. Right at the beginning, I couldn't configure the settings of the users with die web-gui anymore because resilio always asked for a new user configuration. But it worked (synced) and so I didn't dare. After upgrading to Ubuntu 18.10 and an (automatic) upgrade of Resilio the computer doesn't sync anymore. Resilio still starts with entry system
  4. Thanks. Great work! Does it also work with Ubuntu 15.10 64bit because I have several PCs with the old version of Tuxpoldo which is stuck on Btsync 1.4.111?
  5. That would be awsome. We are still using 'Debian And Ubuntu Legacy Desktop Unofficial Packages For Bittorrent Sync' from Tuxpoldo with 6 PCs. But this Package still use Bittorrent Sync 1.4.111. Tuxpoldo seems to have set his work. An official .deb package of bittorrent sync for Ubuntu and Ubuntu Gnome would be great.