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  1. How do I change the sync on a 'client' machine from read/write to read only in version 1.3.109 please? (Searched but can't seem to find an answer.) Thanks much.
  2. Any chance of an RSS feed for BTSync only, rather than the other BitTorrent content? Thanks!
  3. OK, thanks. I'll change the symlinks to junctions and see how it goes.
  4. I'm absolutely certain that the old name kept appearing on 2 other devices over the course of several days and many restarts - both manual and 'start when windows starts'. However, today it works!
  5. Device name on the "Preferences" tab can be edited but the old device name continues to show up on other machines. Is there a way to change this?
  6. I've been experimenting with this idea of using 'junctions' in syncing 3 machines (2 on Win7 and 1 on Win8), using the excellent "link shell extension" program rather than the CLI. In spite of doing a lot of searching & reading, I haven't been able to decide which type of 'junction' to use - "junctions" or "symbolic links". At the moment I have one folder using a "junction" and two other folders using "symbolic links". So far, I haven't seen any difference in the way they operate. Any insight would be appreciated - thanks.
  7. I think I've nailed it. The ".tmp" files were in fact ".tmp.!sync" files. Once I located and deleted these, the problem ceased. Another one that kept popping up was a ".ldb" file, which is a MSAccess "lock database" file. This file kept popping up even though Access (and ALL other apps) were not running. I couldn't solve that one so I moved that sub-folder out of the sync folder.
  8. I spoke too soon! They're back. I've tried adding ".tmp" to .SyncIgnore but that doesn't stop them either. The application itself is NOT running. Could it be that there is a 'service' running which checks that folder every few seconds? They don't seem to be causing any problems but I am curious.
  9. An application was "calling home" to check for updates - every few seconds! Fixed! Thanks for your help.
  10. Setup: Desktop W7 cable to router - LAN and wireless Notebook W7 wireless Tablet W8 wireless Desktop and Notebook already synced a couple of days ago. Added Tablet and currently in the process of syncing. I notice that the syncing (downloading new files to the Tablet) appears to be exclusively between the Notebook and the Tablet - there doesn't appear to be any exchanges directly between the Desktop and the Tablet. I was expecting the syncing to occur simultaneously and directly from both the Desktop and the Notebook to the Tablet. Every few seconds the Desktop "Transfers" window shows two unknown files being transferred to the Notebook: ~WRL004.tmp and imtF301.tmp Are these BT Sync 'system' files as I don't have any such files anywhere on the machines.