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  1. Thanks GreatMarko, I'll try and update this thread. I used the one I downloaded from this URL: I downloaded it just this week only (Monday 10 Jun 2013) so I'd imagine it's pretty up-to-date, but I'll check.
  2. I've just realized that on my NAS (WD My Book Live 3 TB version), after BTSync is installed and is running, my NAS unit almost (or never) enters sleep mode. Could it be that the btsync daemon running in the background prevents the system from entering sleep mode ? This could lead to shortened hardware life, and isn't a good practice in general. What are possible workaround for this ? How about giving an option for btsync to throttle/pause when there is no activity(transfer in/out) after x minutes, so that the system can sleep for a while ?
  3. I'd like to help by testing on two Samsung S3 (GT-I9300 and GT-I9305 LTE). Also iPad 3rd generation running iOS 6 if I can get access to the iOS invite.