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  1. How about speaking with the Eye-Fi team to allow the "backup" process from camera to cloud backup service. Just a idea that seems simple enough to implement.
  2. How do you properly uninstall / reinstall Bittorrent Sync in a Windows 8 environment? I don't see it under the Add/Remove programs UI.
  3. How is that achieved? I tried the basic download and run the installer and it just launches the previous app. I've also tried to click the button that says update but no change.
  4. No, I'm using 1.0.134 but it doesn't appear to be intuitive to install / uninstall this app in a windows environment.
  5. I'm also having this same issue. I can't help but wonder; if the wildcard is the issue why didn't it effect the transfer of the first 70GBs for me?
  6. Simple sync Pictures folder between an external on my laptop to an mapped NAS on my desktop. I have my Eye-Fi card for my DSLR camera save to my laptop and it syncs to my home NAS with AppSync.