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  1. According to the Unofficial FAQ, one can find out the type of connection using the icons next to the device name in the Devices tab. I am using v1.1.12 on OSX (10.8.4) and for the life of me, can't find out where these icons should appear. I don't see anything next to the device name in there. Have these been removed?
  2. Keeping three machines in sync. Two iMacs (work/home) and one mac pro (home server). Syncing common installer files, comics, etc. Most rigorous use is keeping iPhoto library in sync with three machines as well as the iTunes library. Working very well so far.
  3. I understand that this has been addressed in the FAQ. At this time, one needs to manually empty the .SyncTrash folders. Although a user had posted a Batch script for Windows, I was wondering if someone on OSX has attempted something similar? I am using "launchd" on Mountain Lion 10.8.4 to recursively delete the .SyncTrash folder and all its contents on an daily basis. Is there a more elegant way of doing this? find /Volumes/XX/PathToMainFolder -name .SyncTrash -exec rm -rf '{}' ';' On a different note, is it not possible to bring up the WebUI for Bittorrent Sync on OSX?
  4. is it normal for the client to re-index everything after updating? I went from 1.0.134 to 1.1.12 and the indexing has started from naught, for both my Macs.