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  1. Can someone answer this? I cannot see this option in the newer versions of the app. (tap + hold does nothing)
  2. Thank you. My question is: What is the best way to update to 1.4.0-4 on Debian Wheezy? I'm already on the latest 1.3.x but I want to upgrade. Not sure what is the best way...
  3. Damn!! I just restarted my Debian Wheezy server: I have started btsync. I bound it to localhost and to have the username "a" with no password. Now when I visit localhost to view the webui it asks me for my username and password. It does NOT allow me to login!! It keeps asking for my username and password multiple times. Even though it is correct. Any ideas as to a fix for this? EDIT: solved. For some reason btsync decided to give me the password 'a' :-s So I logged in with username 'a' and password 'a'. (even though I set no password).
  4. [sOLVED: See Last Edit] I have successfully followed the instructions for Debian Wheezy. However, I have run into some trouble. I originally installed a 'default instance' using the supplied wizard. At that time, I choose to bind the web server to I chose a very large password (64 characters). All worked well. I changed the web server to bind to localhost. `which sudo` dpkg-reconfigure btsyncNow, I decided that I don't need any password, because it is limited to localhost only. So, I ran the option to reconfigure the default instance; I removed the username (therefore allowing no authentication). However, the problem is btsync still asks for (and accepts) the original username and 64 character password. In other words, it won't remove authentication... Could this be looked into? Or am I just doing it wrong? Here is my configuration file: "device_name": "S1 - Default Instance","storage_path" : "/var/lib/btsync","listening_port" : 12354,"check_for_updates" : false,"use_upnp" : false,"download_limit" : 0,"upload_limit" : 0,"disk_low_priority" : true,"lan_encrypt_data" : true,"lan_use_tcp" : false,"rate_limit_local_peers" : false,"folder_rescan_interval" : 120,"webui" :{ "listen" : ""}EDIT: I found a solution. It seems I can remove authentication by using the webui itself (Preferences -> Authorization). When I remove the password here, it removes authentication successfully Is this a bug? The reconfigure command says to leave the username blank to remove authentication. However, the webui says to leave the password blank to remove authentication. It seems like a bug because the reconfigure command actually doesn't remove authentication (at least in my tests), whereas the webui does successfully remove authentication (although interestingly requires that the username is explicitly NOT blank). Another bug, is that the secret cannot be copy and pasted (cannot be selected) on ipad (iOS) from the webui.
  5. This build will not index any of my drives. It indexes only 20 Megabytes of a 500 Gigabyte drive...
  6. One big problem for me on iOS: I have two *big* shared folders: 1. 500GB folder 2. 350GB folder When I open BTsync on my iPad it takes *minutes* for it to show these folders. I'm guessing it does some kind of "indexing" or something similar in order to show the shared folder. Well, it simply takes too long. I usually open BTsync and then go and make a sandwich. After the minutes of sandwich making it will then show the shared folders. Please make iOS show the shared folders faster. It should take a few seconds and not minutes!
  7. I managed to solve this problem by adding 'predefined hosts' and unticking all of the tracker options for each share. It has since been syncing without any problems.
  8. I followed the instructions and installed it successfully. However some problems that I cannot solve: The webui is not loading. Cannot establish connection to ip:port. Even if I try connecting from localhost. Is btsync supposed to be running after following the instructions? How to run it? btsyncsh: btsync: command not found
  9. Errors: echo deb $wheezy main > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/btsync.list`which sudo` echo deb-src $wheezy main >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/btsync.listapt-get updateE: Malformed line 1 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/btsync.list (dist parse)E: The list of sources could not be read.btsync.list: deb maindeb-src sid maindeb-src main
  10. My latest version now refuses to sync..... Just stopped in the middle of a 300GB job. Nothing I do will resume it. Gah!
  11. 1.1.82 seems quite buggy. Many times transfers won't even start. I've already submitted the logs to the support email. I have one share that shows 200MB left to upload and it hasn't done anything in the last 48 hours. Funny, as the total size of that share is over 400GB. :-P it transferred the 399GB but won't send the final 200MB :-D Hope it is fixed. (I'm running no firewalls/AV)
  12. Well this was funny: I enabled debug logging and forgot to disable it when I was done. Check out the log file size: 15 Gigabytes!!
  13. I get an error here and the fix posted did not work: sudo echo deb wheezy main contrib non-free >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/btsync.list-sh: /etc/apt/sources.list.d/btsync.list: Permission denied