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  1. I can only sync a file once. I have set my sync to read only, and sync by tapping the file in "remote". This is good the first time. But if the remote file changes, and I tap the file the progress bar stops at "full" and the file doesn't sync. I've had this problem all versions. Even if I delete the local file on my phone, and try to sync it again, it doesn't help. The only solution is to delete the sync, and the local folder on the phone (the whole folder, otherwise it doesn't work). And then recreate the sync again.
  2. It would be great to have the 'General folder preferences' (i.e. 'use relay server' / 'tracker server' / 'DHT' etc.) directly when adding a folder. (Linux web interface)
  3. Great. I saw the post about 1.1.27 just after mine. So I added the .26 version info to my post.
  4. I'm having a similar problem as 'Lightning' Linux laptop with ext4 on LUKS, LVM. NAS with samba. Linux desktop with btrfs. NAS is always on, and my linux box's are only on one at the time. Old files were synced back from my laptop to my NAS yesterday. I fixed it with a backup. Today Sync from NAS to desktop gives errors and sync doesn't complete. sync.log on desktop: [20130604 15:40:34.430] ReadFile error: workingsets.xml:0:3941:3941:3 [20130604 15:40:34.449] ReadFile error: AndroidManifest.xml:0:973:973:3 {...} [20130604 15:45:44.835] did not pick any blocks. blocking pe
  5. Hi. I requested an Android invite quite early. I never got any invite mail, only the confirmation mail. Can you please send me a new invite. I've checked in spam too. It's not there either. Thanks.
  6. There you have them all.
  7. I want to see the device name on the front page of the web interface. It will be easier to manage many devices at the same time then.
  8. Ok, I signed up for android, and confirmed. Where is the download?