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  1. This! I have 2 file servers that I log into and "disconnect" the remote session so Bit Torrent Sync can run. Perhaps a separate file server version of the app that has these heavier lifting components?
  2. I've installed it on 3 family members' computers so we can have a "photo album" folder and share family photos more easily. Training family on not deleting files, and not just throwing every picture they take in there took a while, but I think they got it. I'm also a sysadmin paying for dropbox for business, and when this is fully tested and I can sort out a good backup method I'll switch to this in a heartbeat. I mainly just need a good gui for conflicting versions and the ability to sync only file changes (it may do this already, not sure... but our design team uses dropbox for large photoshop files). File versioning and "undelete" features will also help a ton, as I'm nervous for staff to have the ability to delete files others rely on by deleting local files.