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  1. I just updated to 1.4.103 on my Linux system (stopped 1.4.93, started then started 1.4.103 with the same config file) and it came up with a "welcome to BTSync" page and then tells me I have no shares at all. I think this happened when I updated from 1.4.91 to 1.4.93 also. I'm sure this is not expected behavior -- so what am I doing wrong?
  2. I'll post below the script that I run via cron. It is of course specific to my setup, which looks like this: On my RPI, the directory /home/pi/BTInstall is the share where it expects new executables to show up. It expects them to be named "btsync_arm-X.Y.Z.tar.gz". My running executable is in /usr/local/bin/btsync, and is a symbolic link to the actual executable, which is /usr/local/bin/btsync_X.Y.Z I use the same script on my laptop, which has similar setup but different "install from" directory. The script takes a single argument: if it == "pi" then it does everything silently and with the appropriate settings for my RPI. Otherwise it is running on my laptop interactively, and it lets me know what it is doing. Here is the script: #!/usr/bin/python # Takes one optional argument. If "pi" then am on my pi, else on laptop import sys import os import stat import time import signal # if(len(sys.argv) < 2 or sys.argv[1] != 'pi'): onpi=0 else: onpi=1 # # Directory to look in, and filename to look for # if(onpi): SYNCDIR="/home/pi/BTinstall" LOOKFOR="btsync_arm" else: SYNCDIR="/home/brian/Downloads" LOOKFOR="btsync_x64" # # for chmod call below, to set rwxr-xr-x # mode=stat.S_IRUSR | stat.S_IWUSR | stat.S_IXUSR mode= mode | stat.S_IRGRP | stat.S_IXGRP mode= mode | stat.S_IROTH | stat.S_IXOTH # # Go to where the file should be, and get a directory listing # Sort it in case there is more than one btsync_* -- install # the oldest. # os.chdir(SYNCDIR) files=os.listdir(".") files.sort() for t in files: if(len(t) > 10 and t[:10] == LOOKFOR): # if(not onpi): print "Installing %s" % t # # expect name like btsync_arm-X.Y.Z.tar.gz (arm or x64) # this pulls out the X.Y.Z # name=t.split("-")[1][:-7] # # See if btsync is running. If so, stop it, wait to be sure, and set # flag to restart it # restart=0 f=os.popen("ps -e","r") for p in f.readlines(): parts=p.strip().split() if(parts[-1] == 'btsync'): os.kill(int(parts[0]),signal.SIGTERM) time.sleep(30) restart=1 break # # Put new executable in place # os.remove("/usr/local/bin/btsync") os.system("tar -xzf %s -O > /usr/local/bin/btsync_%s" % (t,name)) os.chmod("/usr/local/bin/btsync_%s" % name,mode) os.symlink("btsync_%s" % name,"/usr/local/bin/btsync") # # Remove the file we installed, and optionally restart btsync if(restart): os.system("rm %s ; /usr/local/bin/start_btsync" % t) else: os.system("rm %s" % t) sys.exit(0)
  3. I also have a RPI as my "always on" sync system, with an external 1TB drive (attached via a powered hub -- the RPI definitely does not supply enough power to connect it directly). It works quite well, but I must confess I do not tax my system at all. I sync our digital photo archive, recipes, my music, the pictures from both my phone and my wife's, and not much else -- and none of this changes often. I have 2 laptops (one Windows 7, one Linux), two Android phones, and the RPI. The RPI is essential since the others can never be guaranteed to be on at the same time. I got tired of logging in to the RPI to update the btsync client with each new release, so set up a cron job on a 10 minute schedule, that checks a particular share for a new "btsync_arm" executable. If it finds it, it stops btsync, installs it, deletes it from the share, and restarts btsync. I only had an opportunity to try it for the first time when going from 1.3.87 to 1.3.93, but it worked great -- I just downloaded the btsync_arm to the share on my laptop, and 15 minutes later my RPI was running the new version (and had deleted the file from the share). Computers are so much fun when they work correctly!
  4. When my PI didn't see the shares from the laptop, I tried unshareing and reshareing it on the PI, and even created a new secret on the laptop -- nothing helped. I think I stopped and restarted sync on the laptop a couple of times, but I was focused on the PI, thinking it was the problem (seems I was wrong in this). I may be able to duplicate this and grab some logs, but it won't be before tomorrow night at the earliest.
  5. Similar problem here. Two computers on the local network. One is also visible from outside (my always on RaspberryPi) and the other a Windows laptop. Three shares on the laptop were "Search Lan" only (all shares on the PI are "use tracker"), and two of them wouldn't sync to the PI. (Everything on the PI is "Read only" in case that matters.) I wasn't sure what the problem was, and my wife would want to kill me if I destroyed 10 years worth of digital photos (syncing to the PI as backup), so I downgraded everything to 1.2.92 which has been working perfectly for me. I also had one old file reappear on the laptop with the 1.3.67 upgrade -- it didn't overwrite anything because it had a unique name (I had just deleted it a copule of weeks ago), but it was disturbing enough to scare me. Hopefully these issues can be resolved soon -- looks like there are a lot of good updates in 1.3. (Unfortunately, no logs of the above problems).
  6. Please add "predefined peer" support to the android version for those of us with always on servers. Thanks
  7. @vadimt: Will Android 1.2.14 ever hit the Google Play store? I have 1.2.12 installed, and the Play store has the "What's New" that includes 1.2.14, but insists I'm up to date. I don't know if it is possible, but it LOOKS like they updated the comments without actually updating the executable? I know I can install directly from the apk file linked on the first page, but was waiting to use the Play store and it has been a couple of days now. Thanks.
  8. spiderben25: Sorry I didn't see your posts earlier or I would have suggested this. I had similar problems going from 1.1.X -> 1.2.X on my Raspberry PI: it got stuck indexing and wouldn't stop. After deleting the sync folders (keeping the data!) cleaning out all .Sync files from those directories, and then adding them again, it synced in about 2 hours and has been running fine since. I think there was something wonky about the 1.1->1.2 upgrade. I haven't had that problem upgrading between 1.2.X versions. I'm glad you got it straightened out.
  9. Excellent! When I get home later I'll replicate my problem and do this
  10. Nope -- no difference: when I take a picture with my phone, the laptop shows a file added and more data to be downloaded from the phone, but no data comes. When I added a file on the laptop (different share), it synced to the Pi right away, and to the phone a couple of minutes later, but the phone still has not updated the pictures I took to the laptop. It definitely seems to be an issue with the phone pushing data to the other clients. Hopefully the logs I sent them the other day will tell them something. Is there any way to collect debug logs from the Android to send them? I don't see anything in the app, and they only describe how to do this with Windows/Linux/IOS, but I expect they need to see what is going on on my phone...
  11. Thanks Jimmy -- you're a saint. I only got my first Android phone a few months ago, and it never occurred to me that it was even possible to install apps from other than the play store without rooting my phone. Unfortunately, I seem to be still having the same problem: when I add a file on the phone, my laptop and Raspberry PI show it added and trying to download, but they don't transfer any data. Eventually it will show up, in a few hours, at least that is the way it has been. I'm running 1.2.67 because the changelong for 1.2.68 didn't seem to indicate anything related to this got fixed. I guess I'll upgrade them anyway just to see if it makes a difference. And I'll keep my eye on their download link for Android updates instead of waiting for the play store.
  12. 1.2.10? The google play store still has 1.2.9, with which I'm having the same kind of auto sleep behavior you were describing (30 minute sleep, but changes taking sometimes several hours to sync). That is good news -- I'll definitely be happy to get the new version.
  13. It was/is set to automatic. I sent logs to support. Hopefully they can quickly resolve this
  14. I just mailed a detailed description and some debug logs to I installed the 1.2.9 app this morning, and it is still not syncing when I add files.
  15. The re-initialization worked just fine. I stopped and restarted btsync on the PI, and it re-indexed in just a few minutes. Seems to be working fine now -- was probably related to the 1.1 -> 1.2 update somehow?