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  1. hello, in the past there was an updated package inside the official Synology repository. Why is there no package anymore? How are the plans to get the package back? thanks
  2. at the moment i have not found a way at the new official packages to specify under which user the instance has to be run, like at the packages of tuxpoldo and silvenga (via configfile) so that official package is not usable for me (running silvenga's package at headless servers)
  3. i think it is the best to turn of the use of relay-server, tracker and DHT at the settings of each of your clients too. after that your clients will not try to contact other clients outside a LAN for syncing when there is a gateway to the internet accidentally i hope i do not think wrong in that scenario. if i am wrong, please correct me ;-) greetings
  4. hi, i have tested that scenario with my laptop running at linux with the package btsync-gui by tuxpoldo ( ), but i think the behaviour of the core is the same. it is working with my settings, but i had to keep in mind that when there is an active transfer to that or from that plugged storage i can not unplugged it safe via the OS because i got an errormessage that a programm is locking that device. after the transfer was over, i was able to unplug the storage. but at the webpage (http://localhos
  5. in that combination your packagemanagement of xubuntu have to show you an update of the package btsync-common to version 1.4.103
  6. which version are you using at the moment? i update via the integrated package-management of my distribution
  7. the packages by tuxpoldo are working with Sync 1.4.103beta now and you can update your systems
  8. the packages by tuxpoldo are working with Sync 1.4.103beta now and you can update your systems
  9. hello, i can see that issue on my rpi with raspbian and btsync via the dns-resolution dropped after minutes of operation and it doesn't matter if i add the nameserver manualy to the configuration of my rpi with which version do you have that issue? greetings marcel_sch
  10. i had the same issue after upgrading 1.2.xx on my several server (i386, x64 and rpi) so i tried some things an i found out when i delete and reintegrate the folders on the maschine via the web-ui without deleting the folders in the filesystem. the system is reindexing in a normal way after reintegrating the folders
  11. it is working on my ts-212 ;-) thanks for your work