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  1. after some absence I cam back here, and saw this post. I also installed 1.4 very early, was so disapointed by the interface and limitations I went back to 1.3, but only using it as is, I do not plan to increase usage. evaluating replacements.
  2. after first being to stupid and scp the files the wrong way and overwriting them ... I finally succeded to generate the logs with 1.3.105 , log sent to
  3. i would like to past the link with the above mentioned problesm, but unfortunately i cannto past in this form at the moment .... changed the browser, now it works: well, the offical page, has exactly the problem described above. only the semi-offical links in the forum are direct link, as I found out when I wanted to upgrade an ARM installation and altough in another browser, the messages have been merged, interesting
  4. they are both in the local LAN. - in my case it is sufficient to kill btsync on the NAS, wait, restart it, devices do not find each other. - only search lan is selected, all other ticks off. unrelated question: can I generated a config file based on current configuration or do I have to write it from scratch, based on the sample file I can dump? edit: however it seems, when I add them to the predefined host list, then it works once the the rescan interval has passed once.
  5. similar issue here, starting recently, did not notice this on 1.2. when I turn of the NAS, and turn it on again, which automatically starts btsync, no more devices are found. Pause/Resume sync does not help only stop/starting of btsync on the PC reconnects these devices. NAS is a ARM based QNAP, PC is Win 7 32bit I will try now with fixed IP and see if this then works
  6. when I turn on debug, this basically writes thousand oflines like this: [2014-04-26 21:20:18] SyncFilesController [file updated]: Processing file \\?\L:\_tmp_qt\links.TXT 1345528620 448 [2014-04-26 21:20:18] SyncFilesController [file updated]: Unable to get alternate streams for file "\\?\L:\_tmp_qt\links.TXT" and this for all the files, whenever a rescan occurs, althouhg the files have not changed. This also results in short spike in CPU usage each time. I can only guess, this file system has streams not or not properly implemented, but btsync thinks it does? can syncing of alternate streams be turned off? n.
  7. Hi, anyone knows any detail: is there any roadmap available or feature comparison for the current free version compared to a future pro or business version? n. edit: can't even type the topic correct .....
  8. for me (others might have better options) the only working solution with truecrypt containers and preserve time stamp checked, was dropbox. so I still use dropbox for TC and bittorrent for all the rest
  9. My qnap 210 also does not go to sleep, event with the new version and rescan interval set to 7200 seconds. The reason is the sync.log that is continously written with connection attempts from other sync clients. ,, [20130513 15:56:35.624] Incoming connection from [20130513 15:56:45.317] Incoming connection from [20130513 15:56:55.625] Incoming connection from [20130513 15:57:05.313] Incoming connection from [20130513 15:57:15.514] Incoming connection from [20130513 15:57:25.286] Incoming connection from .. an option to relcate sync log to another location or an option to disable connection logging (while keeping the other stuff) should help in this case. related, but different question: why this connection attempt every 10 seconds, to find changed files or to search clients? why not rely on notification from the source of the change, so no polling is necessary?