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  1. Now, after restarting my system, I've noticed that the device I mentioned started to sync with my server, but now I can not access the web UI. Its blank and fully loaded, even after refreshing, without no waiting status or whatever. It seems that its unable to fetch the UI, for some reason, although its syncing now, without the 101 error... Very awkward.
  2. I'm having the same issue. Follows my debug log, after trying to disconnect and connect again to a folder which had the 110 error. I have 4 peers connected to the same folders, but only the one with "auto sync" turned on (running in an ARM platform) shows 110 error for all the folders associated to my user. [13:27:58] SF[140E]: Will try to find peer for file "/media/hd/Joao/Backups/Metalfisa/email/stamp" [13:27:58] SF[140E] [DE14]: Won't connect files, sync is paused or fc error [13:27:58] SF[140E] [DE14]: Connect files to peer, queue size 0 [13:27:58] ScheduledTask:ConnectMorePeers invoked:immediately reason:OnFileWantsDownload I also used to be a big fan of btsync, but this last release (2.0.85) really disappointed myself, in many aspects. - You suggest to try out the PRO version, in such a way that there is no way of NOT trying it out.. I just dont want any PRO version, but anyway, I'm still in the tryout period of 30 days... - You removed the access to share's KEY.. Only the link is available now, which passes through a bittorrent website. Why? Sounds like NSA impositions, to get access to all the encryption keys shared... ??? More bugs: - After adding a new device (ARM device) to an user of mine, the screen freezes.. Have to restart it, only then it asks me if it should sync all or get disconnected. - It starts syncing, but crashes after some 2 hours... For no apparent reason. Should I downgrade? Cheers. João
  3. I just wrote one topic with this same intention, bu it the wrong forum. Now, follows: If one uses a remote machine as his storage server, a write only permission secret, from the server, would allow the users to only include files on that server, instead of downloading everything on it which was there from before. i.e. With pictures. New pictures were added to your brand new computer. It could upload it, without downloading your terabytes pictures full archive. Suggesting only the functionality. The write only permission was just a way to draw it. (congrats for what has been already done!!!) Best. The read only secret would work in the opposite way, but only if there were only two computers in the sync.