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  1. What does "optimized folder indexing" mean? Does BTSync still rescans every 10 Minutes all folders and starts up the harddrives?
  2. Hey, im using BTSync on Windows 8 and Synology 213j. The audiostation on Synology creates those "@eaDir" folders. I have already added them and restarted both devices but the folders are still transmitted. I am syncing the whole iTunes folder, so that you know how it looks like Windows Version: 1.1.82 Synology Version: 1.1.70 My syncignore: Bug? Feature? Am I stupid?
  3. For Android: make it possible to show the secrets. So that I can readd a folder to a PC where I lost the Secret to sync with Android for example.
  4. Every secret I create on my raspberry pi starts with "A". Someone can verify this and explain it?` On my Windows 8 PC too...
  5. -ROADMAP: I wish there would be a roadmap. There does not have to be an exact time like next week there will be this etc. but maybe this feature hast high priority, this one less, this one wont be included. -VOTABLE WISHLIST: I guess many people are afraid to post over and over again the same feature requests. So why not make them votable. Something like: http://goo.gl/FvkKqR (Chromium Issue List).
  6. Sorry for annoying but this would be a key feature for me. So maybe a dev could answer if this is possible and will be released somewhen? )))))
  7. LInux ARM 1.1.48 on Raspberry Pi takes years to re-index. Hello, I updated my Raspebrry Pi from 1.1.42 to 1.1.48. After rebooting the indexing seems to be stuck. I see no "(Indexing...)" and the data already indexed also does not change when I reload the webgui after a while. For now it indexed less then 10 MB in 3 of 6 shares from a total of around 100 GB data, but it does not go on. Anyone having the same problem or a solution for me? Ill send an email with the debug to the devs later if it is not a problem caused from me. Edit: Everything is indexeded now, except my iTunes folder. Maybe th
  8. But is there a stable implementation of encfs for windows?? encfs4win is experimental, as stated on their website. So I still would love to know, will it be possible to implement this feature out of the box to BTSync?
  9. I would love to hear the opinion of a dev. How likely is it that we see such a feature in the near future? Next release, next half year, somewhen in 56 years or is it simply impossible?
  10. HDD spindown: take a look here: http://forums.storag...-bad-for-drive/ its a forum for storage specially furthermore google made a study but i dont remember the results they say if you spin it down severel times (some say 10, others 100) it's fine. you must look if you only sync once per week you should spin it down for powersavings Speed on Lan: 6GB iso -> 2.4 MB/s from SSD of my computer to an external 2.5HDD from the RPi
  11. Are you a dev?! Just a question cause youre posting so much here But even if not I need to correct this: Auto-update didnt say there is no update, instead there was an update displayed but it failed downloading it. So it was more a network error at bittorrent.com. But 5 minutes ago it worked again as intended.
  12. Yeah. Updating from 1.1.27. Same Error. "There was a problem downloading BTSync. PLease withig our website. Sorry for that." EDIT: Works now without problem.
  13. What about syncing Contacts and Calendar to Android?