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  1. Hi, I would like to know if Sync will be adapted for the Blackberry OS 10.2? I'm about to get the new Z30 and if Sync could be available, that would fantastic... Thanks!
  2. how to get the most updated version 1.1.70? I'm currently on 1.1.48 and when I check for updates, it tells me I'm up to date with 1.1.48.
  3. Hi, I have a problem with the new BTSync 1.1.48 version. I have it installed on two machines: my work laptop (Win 7) and at home on my iMac. It worked flawlessly until the recent update. Now the two machines can't see each other when I'm connected at work (behind a firewall obviously) and nothing get "SYNCed". When I connect my laptop at home, then the two machines can see each other and the sync works just fine. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks
  4. This is just a fantastic idea! I put that idea in the wishlist back in June: Please keep working on it, this will become a major hit!
  5. I have just discovered bittorrent sync yesterday and I'm so thankful to the people that developed this. I have never been comfortable uploading my content to corporate owned clouds and be at the mercy of their policies and be at risk of getting hacked. This tool is exactly what I needed to backup and share my files. I have been promoting this tool to everybody I know and I'm sure this will become the standard. Now, my very wild dream is that you would take this technology one (gigantic) step further and develop a complete social networking solution, which doesn't have to be "browser based". I believe it is feasible (after all, a social network is just a glorified way of sharing text, photos and videos...), and for the encrypted chat, you could just use what has already been developed (open source) by the "cryptocat" folks (it's an add-on to firefox and chrome). This would be definitely be the facebook/google+ killer and millions of NSA-spied-on people would be forever thankful for this. This is just a hope, I truly wish it'll become true.