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  1. Hi, Can we have ability to rename the folder within Sync? For example: PersonA syncs 'Desktop' across his devices. PersonB shares 'Desktop' with PersonA Person A on another devices that has not been setup syncing yet, sees 'Desktop' twice, he has no idea if 'Desktop' is from PersonA or PersonB. I would be nice to be able rename the 'Desktop' from PersonA to something like "PersonA's Desktop", and PersonB's Desktop to "PersonB's Desktop" Makes sense?
  2. I'm having the same problem. Except, I am not going thru a relay server. This is within my own LAN. Here are my logs client 1: [20140524 11:36:31.889] Blocked downloading file iPhoto Library/Database/Albums/2xSCThBXTXKFwxKhiBHSoA.apalbum due Connection closed[20140524 11:36:31.889] Blocked downloading file iPhoto Library/Database/Albums/NVVru3UfRTe9nP0yYZVuTw.apalbum due Connection closed[20140524 11:36:31.936] Blocked downloading file iPhoto Library/Database/Albums/tMOS+e49S2mOahwC5an1RQ.apalbum due Connection closed[20140524 11:36:31.995] Blocked downloading file iPhoto Library/Database
  3. Yes, me too since looking at the logs, I am getting a LOT of "Failed to write attributes for file...." I have made sure that I have permissions to the files.
  4. hi, ok, I've upgraded to a much faster computer and I think it's still not helping... I added a file to the Mac pro, and within 5 mins later two MacBooks, show that "Mac Pro added file....", but it's been 17 mins now and still no file transferred. Any clues? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am syncing two home folders except the library folder. Idea is that I want to be able to pick up any Mac and have it all with me. The largest files are pictures and movies. iphoto being most active. Movies are not that aften updated. I noticed that if I reboot the computer it helps. But seems after awhile it gets 'hosted' up again. I decided to get a faster computer to see if that helps. I don't think its a slow connection because when it does work it works fine. It seems like its slow in detecting the change. Not slow in transferring. I am using the latest beta release
  6. HI, I am also having this problem, I am using a Mac Pro as the central server that holds everything. it is also backing up using time machine, and crashplan.. 3 Macbooks sync to the Mac Pro. I noticed that when I sync from the Mac Pro to the Macbooks, it takes hours, sometimes days. I've tried to remove the sync folders, then re-adding the folders, etc and for most part it helps, but seems to still not be any better. I have about 2TB of data that BT is monitoring. But when I sync from the Macbooks to the Mac Pro, it takes minutes. same goes with Macbooks to Macbooks. It seems to be better.
  7. Sorry if this is a duplicate post: Hi, I am looking to replace my syncing program called Synk from decimus. But I ran into this permissions issue and wondered if there is a way around it. I am using Mac OS X. Let's say I AFP into ComputerA logging in as UserB, and put a file in UserA's directory. Bittorrent Sync copies the file to computerB into UserA directory no problem. While on computerB, UserA deletes the file that was put there from UserB. Instead of deleting the file on ComputerA, it copies the file that I just deleted back onto ComputerB. There are other things for example I can ren