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  1. cannot find answers a normal (not programmer) person can understand here... I also have a iOmega NAS somewhere at home, this should work but i Cannot find a manual how to get this going anywhere on the internet
  2. Uh, dummy here. If my 2 devices are on the same network, everything works fine. But when I take my MacBook outside my office to mu network at home, or to any other network Nothing syncs. There are no setting or so in BTSync, cannot see a 'try' or whatever. I'm afraid in Holland this doesn't work (?). Or is there a simple way one has to configure a router? above is like greek 2 me.
  3. Hi there, I tried the product with a desktop and a laptop. It works fine, but only syncs if I'm at the same network! So if I have my laptop at home and at work I drag a file to my synced folder, nothing happens at my laptop. I thought, this is what Sync was made for? please help