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  1. Having a problem with the newest version somehow replacing newer files with old ones on 1.2.73

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    I've been having this problem on and off for a long time now. My Android device seems to think it has a newer file than the most recently updated one and replaces it. It is ALWAYS the mobile device that makes the mistake and updates the file. I've found it occurs frequently with files that are very active with makes it a very frustrating issue because they are files that I'm using. When I open them up and they are an old version of the file, it just pisses me off. I've had to happen with Excel and Word documents, plus random save game files that I tried to sync across multiple machines. I'm still seeing this issue on 1.2.82 and the new version of the Android version.

  2. I'm having a problem on one of my BTSync Windows 7 machines where the client is constantly using 15% of the CPU and is just slowing the machine down. I use it on three Windows machine and only one of them is experiencing problems. It appears that the problem is that it keeps moving between all of my sync folders and reindexing them and one of the folders contains a single 2.6 GB file that is causing all of the problems. I don't have this sync folder on any of my other Windows machines which don't have this issue.

  3. The mobile version is asserting that all files that get updated by a different client have been added by it with a newer version. I've tested it with a lot of files and this seems to be fairly consistent on my setup. It have seen it with text, html, docx, css, and pl files.

    Just notice the new version for android 1.1.21, even though there wasn't a new version of desktop as far as I can tell. I installed it and my problem seems to be fixed or at least not quite as obvious.

  4. What version (build number) of desktop and mobile clients are you using?

    I'm using 1.1.42 on the desktop (Windows) and 1.1.19 on the mobile (Android) side. I've removed the folder on the Android and recreated it with Auto Sync. I change the file on the Windows side (it is a .docx) file, BTSync says that I updated the file, but then instead of syncing the file to the Android, the file is overwritten by the version on the Android claiming the file as added by my Android device. It is very frustrating.

  5. I'm using the latest version on both the Windows computers and my Android device. I have everything synced on all devices and I have Auto Sync turned on for the Android device. I have a document file that I'm editing on the Windows computers, one at home, one at work. Nearly every time that I make a change to the document file, the Android Sync will claim to have added the file (an older version) and the newest version will get moved to the .SyncArchive folder. This has happened over and over again for me to the point that I just pause the Android version so that it doesn't sync until I am done making changes. To me, it seems like the Android version is stuck and is refusing to get new changes and telling everything that it has the latest version of everything even when something changes. When I change a file on the Android device itself, everything things to work wonderful, but it is interfering with the Windows computers. I have had to recover files from my SyncArchive multiple times. I think I might just wipe out the sync folder and recreate it to see if the problem persists. As far as I can tell, I cannot get debug logging on the Android device.

  6. It's not just about "hiding" files (for example, on Windows, .files are not hidden by default)... it's more to do with the default sort order of file/folder lists, which for most users will be alphabetically, meaning that files/folders starting with a "." will appear right at the top of the list. If "SyncArchive" doesn't start with a dot, it'll appear much further down the file/folder list, making it very easy to overlook, and potentially inadvertently delete! ...that's why it would make more sense for it to start with with a "." just like .SyncIgnore and .SyncID do, so that it appears near the top of directory listings!!

    You can simply change the per-folder "Store deleted files in SyncArchive" setting to "off"!

    Understandable. Sorting make a bit more sense to me and it makes me wonder what happens if you delete the "SyncArchive" folder considering that is where deleted stuff is kept. I'd almost think you'd delete it and all clients should just replace it, but I'm not sure. I had also forgotten about the per folder options. I still don't see this issue a deal breaker and I've upgraded to the newest version. So far, I find this software fantastic and I'm happy with how quickly it is evolving.

  7. (Sticking with 1.1.33 for the time being until it gets eventually fixed.)

    Hmm...I actually like this change, but maybe it is because of what I'm using the software for. I like the old version being synced across all of my clients because if I make a bad change, I can recover it for any client. The change is simply integrating the trash and the archiving together into a single thing (which they basically are). I don't see how a (dot) at the beginning of the file makes a difference, because it is simply a UI thing (the shell hides the file for you) and not a functional thing. I do think it would be nice to disable trash/versioning and I think it is possible by setting the sync_trash_ttl to 0.

  8. I have an Android 2.3 phone and 4.2 tablet that I'm willing to test on. I've been aggressively testing the Windows version since I've heard about it because I really want to get away from the cloud-based storage services (i.e. Dropbox, Skydrive, etc.). I signed up for an invite and I've really been looking forward to the mobile version since I starting using it.