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  1. OK - I imported the admins registry node like you said, but it still keeps asking. Nothing different is happening.
  2. Just did a fresh install on a fresh Windows 10 machine. Installed as regular user and gave proper permissions during install. When logged in as regular user, it starts up when the user profile is loaded, but it always asks for the admin password. What is happening here? Why need to enter admin password each time? Seriously?
  3. Same here. Completely F%^& the install. Nothing happened after I entered admin password for windows 8.1 x64. tried to reinstall. nothing. broke. Help. But this worked. Come on btsync gang, do you think we can get the installer correct next time? Huh? Please don't do this again ...
  4. Ok ... I am getting things figured out: 1) Do not pair (link) your Android device. Because then it will share the access to sync all your folders from the Host Device (PC/SERVER/ETC). Just set it up as a new device and then create the sync folders by scanning the barcode on the Host device. 2) The LINKED DEVICES works well. It definitely makes it easier to get several computers all in sync. 3) There is still some strange behaviour: * On Android, make sure to open each share and select "sync all". Otherwise it will not sync anything. * On Host. Check the ".sync" and make sure that when initial sync of Android occurs, that the BT SYNC does not inadvertantly delete files. For some strange reason, I noticed my entire DCIM content went missing and it was all in ".sync" as arcived (trash!). SO O moved it all back and it seems OK now. I like the ability to pause specific folders. When I do video work, I don't want it trying to sync constantly and this feature helps.
  5. I have to agree withe above. I installed Syn 2.0 on my Android and then after linking with my desktop it did nothing. It brought me back tot her link device screen and sat there... And the desktop upgrade was weird too. It should have properly cleaned up the old installation, then upgraded. Nothing in the email said to even click ont he btsync key file, which was the only way to change it to pro. I don't get why this release is so buggy. Did no one test it? As it stands, I'm all unsynced and screwed up now.
  6. I found that when the Plex tab is open in Chrome, it blocks the pending request for some reason. When I close the Plex tab, then the approval message pops up. Could have something to do with the Plex/Chromcast ports/connections? Hope that helps in some way ...
  7. OK. did that. It still closes quite fast. Shows the syncing rate and then dissappears. Yup. Still does it.
  8. I backed up sync setting, uninstalled, reinstalled, restored settings ... still does it. I also did system restart between uninstall and install. ??
  9. Yes, it goes back to the desktop. It 'minimizes' so to speak - stays running showing icon on notofocations bar at top. But the sync window abruptly closes for no reason.
  10. It stays on the top notifications bar, so it does not crash. But it suddenly closes its own window. I have turned BTSYNC sleep off, it still does it. I am on the latest update.
  11. So .. I open the app on my Android. Then, just a few seconds later it sleeps. Repeat cycle. Sometimes it stays open longer so that I can actually do something useful. Other times it sleeps prematurely again. It is inconsistent - sometimes interrupts me with "insta-sleep", sometimes it waits a reasonable amount of time.
  12. OK .. here is what happened ... I have secrets from two different versions in my sync folders. A set of secrets pre-1.4 and a set of secrets 1.4. The pre-1.4 secrets were already showing the RW/RO/ERO secrets as the expected length, The 1.4 secrets were showing the new format and I could not understand why those ones had the wrong length. So, I did the A to D switch for the 1.4 version secrets, and switched them on all my machines. It's all good now -- I didn't realize that the short secrets were the 1.4 edition ones until I looked at the other ones!
  13. A GUI feature is needed. It's probably a piece of cake for the developers, and it is far more user friendly that trying to find a hidden folder (appdata does not even appear in explorer) .
  14. Can we get a confirm on that? RomanZ? It should be documented as a change from 1.3 to 1.4 at least.
  15. Quoted for truth. I'm glad this project is coming to fruition. $40 or other, it is a great solution for building a roll-your-own cloud sync. It will cost hundreds of dollars less per year for power users. I'm looking forward to the day when there will be cloud providers that create hosted services for encrypted read only secret nodes. That is the real potential - that we can all offer some of our disk/network to build the cloud.
  16. Well ... a lot of us went through a lot of suffering this last few months with the changes. So perhaps we are the wrong crowd to ask. But then, we stuck with you and that means we also want to see your success. I'm just pulling that $25 our of a hat based on what I suspect people are willing to part with for a new product with a bit of a learning curve. Seeing a finished 'ready for market' product will help eliminate the speculation at this point.
  17. I'm fine with a $25 yearly for premium features. $40 yearly is questionable considering the setup required. I think a lot more people would spring for a $25 package too. Actually the $40 is reasonable -- but for bittorrents benefit, I suggest they lower that a bit in order to draw in the sceptics and testers until such time as it is very stable and proven in the market. I'd like to see the "Peers I invite must be approved on this device" feature working. It's not working for me yet though on my desktop version. This may fix any security questions I have.
  18. Previously, one could just obtain the ordinary RO secret, take the first 33 and then change the letter. As per here: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/25823-generate-encrypted-read-only-secret-without-api-key/#entry80161 So, the "force change from A to D and then update" is what changed in 1.4.
  19. Actually, i was right! The old method does not work! The folder preferences only shows a 33 char RO key and 33 char RW key. Unless I update the key from A to D, there is no way to get at an encyrpted RO key. @Romanz. What to do to get the EROS the old way?
  20. I just want to say 'well done' to the team. You guys are starting to get this stable and you're hitting some home runs again There are a few things I'd like to see, but it's getting better and more usable. Keep going
  21. My bad! I couldn't figure out how to get the first 33 symbols of the RW secret. But ... aha ... it is the first 33 of the RO secret. And that's from me -- someone that's actually done the encrypted node set up successfully before with 1.3 on a whole system Please, save dummies like me such trouble and make a way to get at the EROS keys without having to do the A to D key switch.