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  1. Partial sync is a great feature, which I use on my laptop. It -does- take space for the virtual arborescence (empty files) as an empty file has a minimum size for the computer. Full sync of 1TB / 250 000 files (or so) will take about 40GB for an empty partial sync at my place. It was too much for a colleague with limited SSD.
  2. Thanks RomanZ, I will try that and report back. It's a colleagues computer so I have to access it first. Thanks and have nice day.
  3. The option don't exist anywhere on one of the computers I care for, so here is an upbump..
  4. Thanks for the reply RomanZ. It did sadly not work, neither did updating from 10.10.2 till 10.10.3, nor reinstalling the software from scratch, deleting the preferences or repairing the disk permissions. I will try researching right click items in general, or if any other suggestions I can try it would be nice.
  5. (Should have added MacOSX (10.10) in the title) Hi I have BTS 2 properly installed on two MacBooks, with pro account. These are connected as "connect" (and not full sync) (other machines have full sync) The issue is on one of them there is no BTS related items in right click. So it can't so "sync to this device" on a sub folder, because the right click menu item isn't there. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Can .!sync files be thrown away? Hi I tried to search both on the forum and google, but the search engines just gives anything with sync in the name, so no go for this specific question. I have been running a BTS sync for over a year, and am moving to v2 on several computers. The folders regularly contain .!sync files, sometimes plenty (I'm worried about the corresponding files, but that's an other story) Are these v1 temporary files that can be deleted, or should they be left? It seems messy, and the the sync between noodes have been complete for days..
  7. I really hope such extra "features" won't be added. V2 is complicated enough as it is.
  8. That should be OK then, they all get the time off the net Thanks for the help. This isn't the place for support I guess, but just as a comment since the thread is about this: The larger folder reports 594GB for 174K files in the finder info, while BTSync indexes it as 553GB for 164K files. I tried restarting BTSync a couple of times, (it had stopped at 200GB something, continued after restart) but this number is the highest it would get. I guess there is some FS overhead, and maybe hidden files from Windows metadata (its a OSX 10.6 server) though this sound a bit much of a difference. Anyone an opinion or suggestion for test? I'll still start the sync over the week-end, hoping it finds some more files by then.
  9. Thank you for the reply. I had seen the entry about BTSync remaining free (as in current version won't expire?) but thought future versions might need to bring income. As I've looked for a long time for these kind of solutions, and this is the closest to what I want, I'd be happy to participate in order for the software to be kept developing. Anyhow, I'm obviously grateful for BT, inc 's good will. As for UTC, it's a good thing indeed. I'll turn off BTSync autostart to make sure the system is set to the correct timezone first though.
  10. Same thing here, several times daily, both with local and separate machines. All OSX + BTSync V1.1.15.
  11. My first post so first off all, thanks for great software with great prospects. I would appreciate participating with money sometime, in stead of ads / datamining (this project will have to generate some revenue at some point?), but enough of that. I join "second_coming" in the large folder testing. I have several folders of 10GB and 100GB synced correctly on a local network. Now adding a 500GB folder. (V1.1.15) Next step will be moving one of the two machines from Asia to Europe. There it will function as a mirror for the local office. (both sides have automatic backup just in case) Hopefully the shift in time zone will not cause it to resync everything. Will keep updated in this thread if fine with second_coming.