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  1. Because I can't open the program, I can't uninstall selecting 'also remove settings.' Can I do this manually or should I use a program? If manually, can you tell me what I need to delete that is causing the crash?
  2. Thanks @RomanZ I am impressed by your scope (you're on top of every msg it seems) and detail. Thank you for answering our questions and helping a lot.
  3. Oh BTW, I decided to join another sync program for $99/year because of this debacle.
  4. You're not an idiot. I also felt like I was setting fire to my work.
  5. So, what do I need to do to uninstall BT Sync 2.0 completely? If I want to install 1.4 or otherwise. Do I need to hunt down all offending files? What else is there besides the straight forward files? Should I use a 3rd party software to eliminate residual files?
  6. I followed the HELP CENTER directions on my Home comp. Home comp: Copied backup folder to desktop, uninstall 2.0, install 1.4 without allowing program to run, copy the contents of the backup folder, overwrite when prompted. Launch sync. Crash. Then, on my work comp I tried to simply uninstall, without modifying the backup folder. Work comp: Uninstall 2.0, restart, install 1.4. Launch sync. Crash I have dump files if that will help. Anyone else have this problem? Both machines are Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Home dump (latest) Work dump (latest)
  7. RomanZ thank you for your reply. Is there a user manual? I'm going crazy trying to click through the help/faq. Or at least if the titles a different color like in the 1.4 FAQ? I've been using the app since alpha. I never needed 'read only' until now. I set several folders to read only and they can be written to. Is there a way to make the folder itself read only? Or at least not sync? I've been looking for info on Read Only and I can't find it at Help Center, the way it's layout, gives me a headache after 10 minutes. I know you're saying the push is for mobile, but it feels like too much, too fast. I'm super confused who some of my files are not syncing now. I really appreciate your response, but mobile is not enough for me to get this confused when 1.4 was working fine. I'm gonna roll back to 1.4.
  8. For me the upgrade came at a bad time at work. I didn't realize it was such a major change when I 'updated BT Sync' as, in the past, it meant better security and stability. I am totally confused by the new functionality. "Once all your personal devices are linked together – via a private identity – all of your shared folders are available to you," First of all, I read it as, 'all of your folders are shared and available to you.' GREAT! Wait. WHAT? NO! I can't even change the location of where a folder is (I don't want the default, Windows/User/folder, but that's where it put it) Then, what's the difference between a 1.4 and 2.0 folder? And what's the migration? I'm finding myself trying to replicate what I had before and getting all sorts of confused and worried when I need to work. Total fail on my part, but WAY too eager of a pitch and push from BT IMO because of the new $$$$p-p-p-profit stream. As I'm looking to forums and HELP, information is scattered, disparate and I can't tell between instructions for 1.4 and 2.$
  9. I found myself wondering the same thing. OPTIONS Sprocket wheel icon (Windows upper right hand corner) > Preferences > Advanced >on the bottom of the window, under the Sync logo
  10. I have the same problem, but about 30gb of files and folders went into SyncTrash. I am syncing between (2) Win 7 Ultimate machines. I copied the files from one computer to another using a usb drive, and let BTsync update changes. I just turned on logging on one machine and will do so with the other, then email results. florin81, did you discover what caused the files to 'self-delete?'