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  1. No crashes for 3 days, looks like there was some issue on my system with the 1.3.106 update. I hope the many dump files give developers enough information to solve this - I try again with 1.3.107+.
  2. Since installing Windows build 1.3.106 on June 25th I have had 15 crashes (that's nearly daily) and each time I have been prompted with a request to send a dump file to the developers (which I have). This is new behaviour. I have not seen evidence of sync crashing on my Windows PC since August 2013 (build 1.1.69). Is this a problem with 1.3.106 - I have now reverted to 1.3.105 looking to return sync to some stability
  3. I have 4 large shares like \\SHOWME\download" that fail due to this bug (I think). However, sync.dat currently has the path shown as "path21:\\?\\\SHOWME\download" (21 = path length) - this seems to fit your "\\?\UNC\" format. Can you elaborate further on your comment? How can i edit an existing folder path?
  4. 1.1.15 (also 1.1.260) introduces a bug on the Windows platform. Previously working systems now break if folders use a network address instead of a drive letter. This bug can be reproduced by mapping a network address to a drive letter. Then try adding the a folder, first using the network address and then using the mapped drive letter. Thanks to GreatMarko for the tip. This issue may be related to the 1000's of "SyncFilesController: mutex file check failed" entries that now appear in my logs.
  5. The existing 4 folders with the problem are big (20-100G each), so I was reluctant to try that on live data. But, I have now set up a test sync setup for an additional folder. This share (\\SHOWME\download) was already mapped to T: I have now tried to connect with and without mapping: "\\SHOWME\download" fails with "Can't open the destination folder". "T:" works OK. Yes, thanks for the idea.
  6. gia-btsync, I am not familiar with boxcrypt - Is it mapping a virtual drive to Z: or is this a partition on a local disk? I ask because I am syncing to network shares. I am also having this issue since upgrading to 1.1.22. The Windows 7 sync client (Folders tab) shows this error on 4 folders that are located on network shares. 2 other folders located on a local drive are OK. See image below: This setup has existed unchanged through versions 1.0.116, 1.0.134, 1.1.15 and only had an error starting with 1.1.22. Logs on this machine reports "SyncFilesController: mutex file check failed", over 10