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  1. I'm having this problem for a long time; sometimes I can get to fix it but it comes back after some time. Now I can't find any .!Sync, .SyncTemp, .SyncPart, or .SyncOLD files. I removed sync folders on both sides and even deleted synced folders. Added sync folders again and... after indexing and transfers, the amount of unsynced data changed but it still stucks there, with some amount of that left to upload/download. I'm using 1.2.73 on every PC (win7 and win 8.1 64 bits) The most problematic folders are the ones that host my work files which change very frequently.
  2. Same here, I changed from 1.1.86 to 1.2.68 and everything slowed down to a crawl. 2 Win7 64bits & 1 Win8.1 64 bits connected on LAN. A whole day to sync 8 GB on a Gigabit network. It was ultra-fast before with 1.1.86
  3. I'm having some issues with temporary files. Sync leaves .!sync files stuck when it's trying to copy temporary lock files generated by AutoCAD when opening a drawing. When you open a dwg file with AutoCAD it generates 2 dwl files to avoid the first file to be edited at the same time by another person. BT sync tends to leave a !sync file for those files that are not erased by the user but just disappear when closing the main file. I experienced the same behaviour with other temporary files from other programs. As a workaround could a rule be established to avoid those files? Maybe in syncigno
  4. What I meant is that btsync was trying to copy a temporary file made by another program. I work with a render engine that creates big files and updates them frequently. There were some *.part.!sync (made by the render engine when creating those big files but are erased or renamed when the copy is finished) and some *.sv$.!sync (security temporary file made probably by AutoCAD for recover). My intention was to point out some possible error prone situations. (I wasn't very clear on that, I guess) That's the point. Probably the files disappeared before they could be fully synced and instead of g
  5. In my case it's Windows-Windows so I looked for something different and found some .!sync files in one of the computers. Deleted them but nothing seemed to change so I deleted the folder and re-created the share to force re-indexing everything. Now it looks good and synced on both sides and I'm happy again. The !sync files seemed related to some temporary files that some programs create when working with them.
  6. I'm having a similar issue here. Windows 7 on one side, W8 on the other. Read only 220GB share from 7 to 8. On 8 it shows synced while on 7 there are 47.2MB left to upload. As you I tried to remove shared folders from sync and re-add and also deleting all files from W8 and re-sync, with the exact same result. Maybe it's just one conflicting file... In my case I don't have ignored files.
  7. Hi, Shouldn't I get autoupdate from 1.1.27?
  8. Hi, I'm having a problem with 1.1.27. I have a rig of 4 PCs. Main one (A) is always on and has windows 7 ultimate 64bits, B has also windows 7 Ultimate 64bits, C has windows 8 Pro 64bits and D is a laptop with windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits. I was using 1.1.15 without problems but decided to update to 1.1.25 one morning. I left all the computers indexing 3 different jobs some time, but had to go so I turned everything off. When I came back in the evening I started everything again but autoupdate was launched to 1.1.27. So I let every comp autoupdate before everything was indexed with the previ
  9. It got better with 1.1.7 but not perfect. At least now it's usable. Please, take a look:
  10. Another wish: Install for all users in windows.
  11. This is what I see when I try to add a sync on a Samsung Galaxy Y: I cannot scroll or resize the screen. I can scan the code when making a backup although the image comes rotated and a bit scaled. I forgot to say I'm using 1.1.15
  12. Hi, I've got a problem with latest mobile app: I've got a phone with small screen (3") and when I try to setup a sync I have to 1. Choose the folder and then 2. Scan QR code which I cannot do because I can't see any button to do it. I only get OK button which asks me to scan a QR code. Any one else? It would be great to be able to backup several folders to the same location too. (but that's not a problem, just a wish) Thanks
  13. My wish: It would be nice to have a bit more control when setting up a sync. Now we can: 1.- Merge files from both locations (which is default secret behaviour now) 2.- Add origin files to destination folder and keep those in sync + keep previously existing files in destination folder just there (read only secret behaviour) I would like to have also these options for first time behaviour: 3.- Read only + delete content in destination if doesn't exist in origin (perfect mirror). It has happened to me that in device B I have an old backup of a folder in device A with some discrepancies, some non