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  1. Thanks! 1.1.42 works. @geksogen: I don't know how to launch it automatically. I don't run it all the time since it reduces battery life slightly. I just run it when I want to sync.
  2. just doenload and run the binary from the terminal, no installation necessary .
  3. The Nokia n9 is a Linux ARM device, which means I could run the linux arm binary on it and sync between my laptop and my phone in real-time, which was great! The 1.0.x worked fine. I just upgraded to 1.1.5 and now although btsync starts properly, when I click 'Add Folder' in the web UI after selecting the folder, it crashes with a 'Bus error'. 1.1.5 runs fine on my raspberry pi. Now N9's are pretty hard to get, so if some testing is required I'd be willing to help. It would be really nice if btsync started working again. I don't like apps that require an explicit sync step, realtime btsync was