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  1. Nope. As you can see above, Sync Support asked me for more details, then never responded when I provided them. Sync randomly deleted files again after that, so I learned two things from the experience: 1. It wasn't a fluke. 2. Sync Support doesn't support their customers. We had to drop Sync Pro and go with a much clunkier system involving Dropbox and system-to-system synch desktop apps. The system is no where near as elegant as Sync Pro, but 6 months later, we've yet to have files suddenly disappear.
  2. Hi, Helen. I can't be that specific. All three systems were syncing, unmonitored, and suddenly I notice a Hazel alert that there are new files in the folder's .sync/Archive folder. The 42,168 files deleted (this time) had not been modified in years; this particular folder is an asset library from which images, fonts, etc. are linked and accessed, occasionally added to, but rarely edited or modified. Sent. Yes. We're restoring these and hoping they don't spontaneously get deleted again. As you might expect, when 42k files are deleted from an in-use asset library, all work halts until those files are restored, which takes hours using Mac's SyncTwoFolders.
  3. Sync Pro is randomly deleting files from synced machines. Machines and BTSync Versions: Mac OS 10.5.11 with BitTorrent Sync 2.3.7 (2.3.7) set to Sync All Mac OS 10.5.11 with BitTorrent Sync 2.3.7 (2.3.7) set to Selective Sync Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64 with BitTorrent Sync 2.3.7 (451) set to Sync All All three systems are on the same network. The systems are each sometimes offline or paused. A few hundred files are just randomly deleted sometimes. Fortunately we were smart enough to get Hazel monitoring BTSync's deletions and alerting us to them. Please help fix the random deletions.
  4. Aha! Thank you! I'm installing it on the systems now and will watch 1.1.15's behavior.
  5. Step 1: IT IS UPDATED. How rude. The software reports that the "Client version is up to date" on both machines. It's a brand new download, too 4 days ago). If you have a more recent version, your own software doesn't know about it, so how should its users?
  6. I have the exact same issue as the original poster. I'm using BitTorrent Sync 1.0.134 on OS 10.7.5 and Windows 7 x64. The process I used: On the Mac I chose a folder with few files and folders in it. I installed the client on Windows. I used the secret key from the Mac to connect with a folder on Windows that had many files and subfolders. The resultS of the sync were... Thousands of files were deleted from Windows All the Mac files were copied over to Windows Some of the Windows files were copied to the Mac Thankfully the .synctrash saved me from hours of downloading backups from an off-site server.