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  1. Enabled debug. btsync debug 0000 reboot cat debug.txt 0000cat btsync-user.log 2014-02-20 22:58:10+01:00 stop_agent: begin2014-02-20 22:58:10+01:00 stop_agent: end - exiting...2014-02-20 22:59:10+01:00 User specific files and directories created2014-02-20 22:59:10+01:00 start_frontend: begin2014-02-20 22:59:10+01:00 start_frontend: starting frontend with default config file /home/benbt/.config/btsync/btsync-auto.conf2014-02-20 22:59:10+01:00 start_frontend: end2014-02-20 22:59:10+01:00 btsync-starter: forking runner...2014-02-20 22:59:10+01:00 btsync-starter: end2014-02-20 22:59:10+01:00 agent
  2. Hi tuxpoldo After booting and logging into a standard user account, the indicator starts, but not the daemon. After logging auto and back into another user account, neigther the indicator nor the daemon starts. Opening a terminal and executing 'btsync start' leads to "WARNING:root:Connection Error caught, displaying error message". Then there is the indicator present, but the daemon is not running. If you execute 'btsync restart' afterwards, the indicator and the daemon start fine with "BitTorrent Sync forked to background.". Reinstallation of the package did not have any effect. How to debu
  3. All PCs are running Ubuntu 13.10 and the current tuxpoldo-desktop-package. After the last update the following issues occured. ** PC-01 ** On PC-01 the indicator does not start/ show, but the btsync daemon starts and works. The GUI is hosted on port 9999. The file '/etc/btsync-user/btsync-agent.desktop' is present. ** PC-02, PC-03 ** On PC-02 and PC-03 the indicator starts/ shows, but instead the btsync daemon does not start. If you invoke a 'btsync stop' and afterwards 'btsync start', the indicator and daemon are staring as supposed. In some cases you have to delete '.btsync/indicator.lock'
  4. Network Profiles per Synced Folder I attached a scenario where network profiles per synced folder could be helpful. I would like to restrict when and to which networks nodes sync and how much bandwidth is consumed. I guess part of this scenario can be realised with the current features available (search LAN only and predefined hosts). Network detection and corresponding network profiles would be helpful to enable differing behaviour per network or to differentiate client and server nodes by their sync behaviour. As far as I can see, besides the obvious advantage of this feature it would also b