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  1. Ok, it seems my problem was that a peer was running 1.2.92 I don't have any debug log left from when the problem occurred but I recall it complained about being disconnected when trying to transfer a file.
  2. I've the same problem. Monitoring about 100k files though. Not sure if this is too much for btsync? Maybe it is and I need to look into other alternatives.
  3. btsync keeps crashing on my linux machine $ uname -a Linux skytown 3.15.0-031500rc4-generic #201405042135 SMP Mon May 5 01:36:35 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Any additional info I can provide? [1002841.588262] traps: btsync[28365] trap divide error ip:4d18bf sp:7f7be5734dc0 error:0 in btsync[400000+3df000] [1002841.770462] init: btsync main process (28359) killed by FPE signal [1002841.770478] init: btsync main process ended, respawning [1002876.708243] traps: btsync[28450] trap divide error ip:4d18bf sp:7f91b6212dc0 error:0 in btsync[400000+3df000] [1002876.890650] init:
  4. It would be really nice if btsync could utilize btrfs generations to quickly refresh its internal database upon startup. Btrfs, being a copy-on-write filesystem, have built-in features to quickly list changes to the file system since a given point in time (generation) Example: root@skytown:/storage/media# btrfs subvolume show ./storage/mediaName: mediauuid: 6cde316a-1cad-4f41-a718-30a45292f9b6Parent uuid: -Creation time: 2014-05-04 07:15:24Object ID: 257Generation (Gen): 959Gen at creation: 6Parent: 5Top Level: 5Flags: -Snapshot(s): We're currently at generation 959, then i wr