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  1. Hi, I have a share with 300GB of data. It is shared between 2 computers which I have control of (one is located off-site but is remotely controllable). They are both Read&Write. I would like to covert the off-site share to Read Only. Is that possible to do without touching the data at the remote side? For instance can the share be removed without removing the data and then creating a new Read Only key and place the data at the same place? Will Sync understand that the data is already there? Regards.
  2. Hi RomanZ, Thanks for your information. Is it possible to get some more technical information about what exactly are the issues with FreeBSD and the immediate track changes feature in BTSync?
  3. Hi, I have a FreeNAS 9.2.0 computer setup with a jail containing btsync. I wanted to test that btsync detects any additions of files via Samba/CIFS so a possible sync is made as soon as possible to other units connected to the share via btsync. I deliberately changed the "folder_rescan_interval" to 36000 (10 hours) to ensure that it wasn't the rescan that triggered the new sync. After this I added a file via my samba share, but the added file isn't syned on the other units :-(. In the btsync faq it says: "When a file is added to the shared folder, the changes start syncing immediately (due t