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  1. I have a WD usb drive connected to a Raspberry Pi running btsync 1.1.48. Recently over the last week I have been aware that the usb drive now rarely spins down and if it does its only a few seconds before it starts back up. I'm sure this has not always been the case although I couldn't say for sure at which version the problem started. If I delete the sync's from my Windows 7 PC the drive spins down so it must be BTSync doing something to wake the drive up. I can find the logs on my windows machine. Where will I find them on the Raspberry Pi?
  2. My Windows 7 auto-update has worked but I have BT sync also running on a Raspberry Pi. Previously I had been downloading the tar file, unzipping and running each time there was an update. The manual link has disappeared from the first post, how do I update my ARM client?