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  1. An update: Am pleased to say that test with a triad of 3 PCs - mine / my son (within WLAN) / his friend (outside our Wlan) worked perfectly - immediately and quickly. My son generated a secret - which I and his friend entered to sync our respective folders - No other information other than the secret was required. Noone needed to enter my son's IP address. Firewalls and Port handling was transparent. Thanks for the help. I am (indeed we are) impressed with Bit Torrent Sync.
  2. Thanks again for advice. I will follow this through just trying to get my two teenage co-project workers to stand still for long enough to do it. I will report back
  3. @rdebath Thanks I will try your idea out. What do you mean by "... they'll bounce the file off you"
  4. Greatmarko Both boys are on same Bit S version (I think) both downloaded yesterday from same link - can check to be sure - but I think this is the case
  5. I should add my sons PC is windows 7 32 bit and he uses Open Dns (this may not be relevant)
  6. and another dummy here. My son has a school project ..He has made a video (1.5gb) and wants to send the video to his project co worker. I suggested that they use BitTorrent Sync having used bit to my great satisfaction within our wlan environment. However this transfer is to a PC outside the wlan. They have both downloaded Bit Torrent. My son has the video in a folder and generated a secret. He has told his friend who has created a folder on his desktop and entered the secret against this folder. So far nothing has happened no synching has taken place. My sonĀ“s firewall has Bit Torrent incomin