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  1. Cool! I will try this approach. Thanks
  2. How could I take advantage of "predefined hosts" when dealing with non static peers (IP) addresses? The VPN may be an interesting option but I'm worried about users' behavior: they will not remember to often connect to the VPN to get their documents synced :s Thanks,
  3. Hi GreatMarko, Thanks for you quick reply. I was thinking whether btSync tool was open source and it could be modified to use other tracker but I also assume that the tracker's address was not hardcoded on the source. Probably it uses some configuration file. What do you think?
  4. Hi All, I was waitting for an opportunity to make use of btSync and now I had it on an empresarial context. I did a test on the company's local network and it was great, but I'm concerned about how btSync deals with peers when they are all over the world. Based on what I read, there's a central public tracker and my question is if it is possible to setup a private tracker (using, for example, the opentracker software) accessible through the internet to "facilitate" the peers discovery and connection? Thanks in advance,