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  1. I can setup a pin so that ppl cannot get into the app on the iphone... but that is not an option on the android app? This feature should be available everywhere, including on windows/mac and it should be something that can be enforced on a per-folder basis... (i.e. in order to have access to a given folder, you have to have the pin turned on)... If a device can be stolen (i.e. like all laptops and cell phone can) then there should be a mechanism inside Sync to protect file access. It is very confusing to evaluate your software when there is a significant difference like this between device types. I assumed that the app would work for our purposes based on the iOS version, and now during deployment I discover the gap with android devices. Frustrating. Still, thank you for the great apps. Please again consider going open source with this. I am more than happy to pay for apps, but I should be able to perform code reviews. Take a look at how Anki handles this... the app stores provide a funding model for open source that is rarely take advantage of. -FT