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  1. I can setup a pin so that ppl cannot get into the app on the iphone... but that is not an option on the android app? This feature should be available everywhere, including on windows/mac and it should be something that can be enforced on a per-folder basis... (i.e. in order to have access to a given folder, you have to have the pin turned on)... If a device can be stolen (i.e. like all laptops and cell phone can) then there should be a mechanism inside Sync to protect file access. It is very confusing to evaluate your software when there is a significant difference like this between dev
  2. I have been using btsync for quite some time to backup important stuff on linux. I had a power outage. Because btsync is not a linux package for either apt or yum, you have to do the setup to make btsync a service on your own. Following instructions on the forum I did that, but it did not work and now I cannot even remember where I put those files. I started manually and it did not find my configuration file. I will probably have to set it up from scratch. Supporting linux by supporting user-space executables is the same thing as not supporting it all. I am now in a worse position t
  3. Jcollie, Your instructions seem geared towards having the sync start "for this user" when this user logs in... is that right? If that is how your scripts are intended to be used, thats great... but that is not an appropriate configuration for a backup server which should have the bittorrent sync service start upon a hard reboot, even if a given user does not login. I find the new "non-init.d" services on Fedora pretty confusing... and I do not understand why this problem has not been solved by the bittorrent sync developers... since it seems pretty fundemental to ado
  4. Bittorrent Sync is a great idea. But someone, somewhere is either going to reverse engineer this product and release it as Open Source, or they are going to develop something from scratch as Open Source. I huge portion of your users are concerned with privacy issues, and would consider such an offering superior. Given that you are no charging, there is little reason for you to not Open Source. You are just increasing your development costs.. Assuming there is a feature complete MVP available as Open Source, a substantial part of your community will leave. Instead, you should increase trust a
  5. hi, apparently, I have installed the application twice on the same machine. Once as a service using the ubuntu package and once as a user app. This creates a fairly confusing interface where I have my own computer as one of the "peers" on the network. Both instances are pointing to the same folder... This error should be impossible or at least much more difficult to make. -FT