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  1. So when this is implemented will proxy settings be available in the android app? I have the problem at the moment (and I don't know how common this is) that my phone provider is blocking the ports that BTsync needs to run so I have to be on WiFi to use BTsync. If the android app had proxy settings it would be a snip to get around their blocks using an SSH tunnel.
  2. I don't know what the problem is/was but I've tried again today and its working ok, this is annoying, I hope it stays okay now. I haven't changed any settings over the past few days. EDIT: I spoke too soon, it'd now not working, so I done a few tests, when I try to a) use btsync b.) query port 3000 and c) download that link you said to, they either all work together or all fail together, it would seem my mobile internet provider is blocking traffic intermittently for no apparent reason. How annoying, I'll have to speak to them about this.
  3. Do you mean my home broadband or my mobile phone provider? I have had it running the past so hopefully they haven't changed something. EDIT: I'm not overly confident I'm doing the correct thing here but I went to on my phone and it connected okay, does this tell me they are not blocking outbound connections on this port?
  4. If I'm on WiFi at home and launch the BitTorrent Sync Android app then I get 1 device found (my server) great but if I'm on mobile data connection the Android app fails to find any other device, my brain is fried and I can't think what the problem is. I've gone into the settings on the server and noted the listening port and forwarded this on my router, I've also enabled UPNP for good measure I've allowed all traffic on this port through my firewall, I've even disabled the firewall temporarily to no avail I've used an online port checker and it reports that this port is open and has a servi
  5. If your secret is too long then the app cannot generate a QR code for mobile use. I don't know the exact length of secret which causes the QR code to fail but either the QR code generator needs to have no character limit or the sync app needs to have a maximum character length to match the QR code generators My post is here: http://forum.bittorr...n-does-nothing/ Linux client Version: 1.1.48 EDIT: After further investigation the formal standards for QR codes mean it should be able to handle Alpha-Numeric codes of up to 4296 characters, so that should be the upper limit for secret length. Regar
  6. I've tested on firefox and get exactly the same result, and javascript is enabled. I've done some experimenting, and it depends on the length of your secret, I haven't figured out what the maximum character length is before the QR code cant be generated. I definitely consider this a bug, if the software cant generate a QR code for the secret then the sync app should have a maximum length for secret codes. As it is I have extended the length of my secrets (for added security) and can no longer generate QR codes, so I'm in limbo really
  7. I'm using chromium, I haven't specifically disabled JS, it's enabled by default right?
  8. What happens if a photo is backed up from phone to pc and then you delete (or move) the pc copy. I would try it but I'm still failing to even setup a sync to my linux pc
  9. If I navigate to the web UI the Secret/QR button simply doesn't do anything, I read that to get around this you should go to the Advanced tab on a folders preferences and use the "Connect mobile via QR code" button but when I click that it just takes me back to the main web UI and nothing else happens. Is this a known problem and is there a workaround?
  10. I cant generate a QR code on my pc, the button just doesn't respond, I've tried going to the advanced settings tab and using the "Connect mobile via QR code" option and that too does nothing. Linux client version 1.1.42
  11. So as far as I can tell a secret can only contain numbers and upper case letters. Why not add special characters and lower case letters too? Couldn't hurt could it? Surely it would only make secrets more secure. Side note: I was seeing how long the secret is allowed to be, so far I'm up to 4096 characters, it would seem theres no limit so far
  12. If t hasn't been mentioned already (I haven't trawled through 20 pages to check) the Linux version badly needs: 1. A system tray icon (No problem on servers but a graphical session there is no visual feedback to whether the btsync service is even running or if its encountered any errors 2. A versioning system, so if I overwrite or accidently delete file.txt on date x, I may need to able to retrieve the original version that existed before date x I hate to mention the D word but Dropbox does have both of these features