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  1. Hello, I have btsync 2.2 (on Ubuntu 14.04). I moved a storage_path from old to new (I don't remember if I was still on 2.1 or already on 2.2 at the time). Every time this config is used, this tree is recreated under new: └── .SyncUser1425897870 ├── devices │ └── CDDEL5TS6RMPQC6T2Y5RRVT4TM64QHUL │ ├── folders │ │ └── -9131443334670106176 │ └── info.dat └── folders └── -9131443334670106176 └── info.dat6 directories, 3 filesIs there a way to fix that ?
  2. Not in --nodaemon mode: log is sent to stdout.
  3. Of course (I said "other than giving the absolute path"), but with bsync 2.1.4 it was different: if btsync was started with --nodaemon --log sync.log, sync.log was created in ${storage_path}, not the current directory. I used that in a simple upstart script, and there was no need to parse $conf to extract storage_path. Something has changed in 2.2
  4. Hello, With btsync 2.2 (100) -- on Ubuntu 14.04 -- I notice that when I run btsync --config $conf --nodaemon --log sync.logthen file sync.log is either in the current directory (if I am logged in a terminal) or the home directory of the user who runs the command (upstart script): the file is not in ${storage_path}/sync.log. Is there a way to have the log in ${storage_path} automatically (other than giving the absolute path to the file as an argument to --log) ?
  5. I don't really know but in Firefox Safe Mode the problem is the same. EDIT: In a new profile, things are fine. Some preference may be the culprit.
  6. Hello, I get "Sync does not support your web browser", using: btsync 2.0.128 on 32-bit Lubuntu 14.04 Firefox 38 I do not see this problem in Chrome or Midori. Please help.