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  1. Get Secret by Folder/Use folder as an argument. Currently you can use a Secret as the argument of most methods, but if you want to find the secret of a specific folder, or want to get the prefs of a folder that you don't know the secret of, you need to first run 'get_folders' and extract the data secret. It'd be nice if any method that took 'Secret' as an argument could also take 'Folder'.
  2. As per I'd like a way of registering events, so when an event is triggered, like 'Files synced', BT Sync will then trigger my registered command/url with some data. This means that instead of my application having to poll the sync folders, btsync will tell me application when I need to deal with the changes. Something like: api?method=reg_event&event=sync&secret={secret}&type={url|cmd}&(url={url}|cmd={cmd})