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  1. Not really selective sync, while it would work, what I was getting at was more like POSTing a file to a secret. Use case would be something like a Logging system, or an automated offsite backup system, where the file being synced is dynamically generated or just stored temporarily, then pushed offsite to a BTSYnc, and never actually stored on the server it was created on. I actually plan on implementing something for both of those use cases, but to do it currently I would have to leave the files stored in a sync folder, because even if I use selective sync there's no guarantee that the clients have downloaded the file yet... which also shows the obvious draw back to the whole idea, if theres a method that pushes a file, there may not be a recipient and therefore the file would vanish into the ether...
  2. With other API based things, the client (not the server) is where the API key is configured, and users are allowed to apply for API keys not just developers. Is there a chance that this will happen? Otherwise I will have to recommend users apply to become developers just so they can use my Drupal modules on their own servers, which may not be exactly what you had intended, but if I am restricted in this way what choice do I have?
  3. It would be nice if you could add a file to a folder that you don't actually have synced locally... just push a file into remote syncs using the provided secret... just a thought.
  4. I can not confirm, I've been using this method and when supplying a secret it only returns a singular result. I just test now to make sure I wasn't remembering wrong, and it absolutely worked perfectly. And if I don't supply my password I get no results at all.... so I think something weird is happening on your end.
  5. So I mentioned this in another thread, but I think it's probably worthy of it's own thread: My Drupal modules that I'm working on for the BTSync API all currently require that the server the user is running their Drupal site on is running BTSync configured with an API key. My concern is that only people with an API key are going to be able to use my modules as currently that means they have to apply for developer status. What is the plan in the future? Will the API key not be necessary in future releases? Or should a developers key be encoded into their application? Given that Drupal code is open source, embedded my key would essentially be the same as providing my key to others, so it doesn't seem likely to be an ideal solution, so I'm hopping the plan is that the API key will eventually not be required for use of the BT Sync. Otherwise, all my modules will have an extremely high barrier to entry.
  6. Decipher


    Hi j2b, Responding in your D.o issue (
  7. Still working on my Drupal modules, currently working on a Field module that will allow someone when creating a piece of content to attach a BTSync secret instead of Files, and as the Files are added/removed the files on the content will be reflected. The most obvious use case for this is easy Image gallery websites where the artist/photographer/etc doesn't need to ever log into a site backend to update their galleries. Future versions of this module will have more advanced fields that will allow for selective sync and more control over the behaviour of the sync (should an image be removed because it was removed from the sync? etc). The module with the basic field should be finished by the end of the week, and I'm planning on releasing a video tutorial demonstrating the module. The biggest concern I have is that only people with a BTSync API key will actually be able to use the module, which is a massive barrier to entry. I hope that's not always going to be the case.
  8. So I know this may not sound like a logical use case, but the current application (Drupal module) I'm building leverages the generic BTSync API module that I previously created, that can be used by any developer or individual, and therefore it's possible that a single BTSync Key could be used in two different folders. Currently this is not possible, if you try to pass a secret to 'add_folder' with a new folder, if there is already a folder containing that secret BTSync will return 'Selected folder is already added to BitTorrent Sync.', which is technically incorrect. It'd be nice if this could be allowed, or at the least that the error message was corrected.
  9. Try, and also, if "use_guid" is set to false then you wouldn't be able to see anything other than when you use the API functions.
  10. Get Secret by Folder/Use folder as an argument. Currently you can use a Secret as the argument of most methods, but if you want to find the secret of a specific folder, or want to get the prefs of a folder that you don't know the secret of, you need to first run 'get_folders' and extract the data secret. It'd be nice if any method that took 'Secret' as an argument could also take 'Folder'.
  11. As per I'd like a way of registering events, so when an event is triggered, like 'Files synced', BT Sync will then trigger my registered command/url with some data. This means that instead of my application having to poll the sync folders, btsync will tell me application when I need to deal with the changes. Something like: api?method=reg_event&event=sync&secret={secret}&type={url|cmd}&(url={url}|cmd={cmd})
  12. Decipher


    Released a Drupal module yesterday, just exposes the API via the Rules module at the moment, but more stuff currently underway (btsync powered fields - generate a key or use an existing key and all files uploaded get attached to field).
  13. Firstly, yay for the API, I've been hanging out for it as I've had an idea in mind for a while. In general, in happy with what I see, but I do already have a request for an additional method. Basically I'd like to be able to register a URL for btsync to ping on specific events, primarily when a fold has finished syncing. This will allow my integration to be notified of the changed files and react accordingly. Otherwise, my web so will have to continuously poll the directories, which doesn't seem very efficient.