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  1. Depends. Local server load is the same as remote one's? Bandwidth to WAN is as fast as local? I do have similar situation as well. However in my case it is WAN connections. Peers reside as follows: my workstation and colleague in same LAN, quite limited WAN speedone peer in the same city, fiber speed connectionfew peers in neighbour country, faster connection than usfew other peers in farther country, faster connection as well Issue here is with peer in same city. I added it as a cache to boosts distribution among all peers. Sadly, amazing speeds are not working for us. Neither it gets files
  2. You both need to have read-write secret for this to work.
  3. Looks like part of the synced files were deleted. It does not resync when you delete something on read-only side. Might be displayed just like that. Re-add sync folder on read-only side. Should fix that.
  4. I have been using btsync on some of my dropbox subfolders. On pc and android mutually. All issues I recall were related to my mistakes and picasa specifications on saving altered pictures. As Marko said, more than one sync tool will most likely cause troubles. Regardless what tools it is. So before you know a bitterness of sync conflicts of your chosen tools, better keep backups safe.
  5. Hi. While I don't keep mobile data up all the time, and sync app is not kept up all the time, there is no history of any data traces in history on my Xperia. Check your app version, there was fix on this matter some time ago. Maybe you still use earlier version?
  6. Cartman would do it by tweet. On my use cases I do it by adding a folder named by a secret in already syncing folder. Deleted empty folder does not appear in history. Sending by this sync is as secure as sync itself. But that is only my use case already having folder in sync. Or being able to have folder on a flash drive or on a remote drive it is needed on. Other way is by skype to me, but not my own choice. Skype is quite secure in transfer, but history keeping and so on sent secrets makes vulnerable. Physical or remote
  7. Regarding this matter, I suggest to consider following option to address this. By a default upon installation all sync specific files should be manipulated and kept as hidden. Advanced option menu should also get new option to display !sync files as not hidden. Same could be added to .syncingore, archive but only when such usefulness is determined.
  8. Arrows mean direct connection. Cloud means relayed connection. That I found in FAQ or somewhere long ago when I started using sync. This difference probably means your S4 is on mobile connection if it is phone, even if it is in the same house or something. Or if that is normal computer, it is on different network/ISP and direct connection is not achievable at that moment.
  9. trumad, I admire your dignity and feel sorry for your lost files. I hope you a find a way to restore them or a positivism to recollect them and keep them in a smarter way. Been there few times myself. Always my fault. Took a lesson or a few. Do not get too attached to things. And files you can not afford to lose keep tight in size and wide in backups.
  10. Can you confirm that speed is not capped by busy storage devices? By busy CPU used for encryption? By lots of small files? Is indexing completed on both sides? All these can have huge effect on raw speed you look at.
  11. Thanks, my attitude towards sync needs as well it seems
  12. .syncarchive folder If it was deleted only on one node, it have to be moved into that folder. Unless you decided you will never need that and turned it off. Having in mind this is just alpha stage software, decision to disable archive is bad idea at all times. Look for it or have guts to blame yourself...
  13. Thanks for doing this. Looking forward for further battery usage results on new builds. Keep up good work
  14. I hope to help you out here. Sync can be fast compared to cloud solutions because it is direct and immediate. Unlike cloud, it sync to your other machines asap, while cloud wants to get copy first and only then distributes it to other peers. Because of that syncing in the same local network with cloud is waste of time. BT sync allows you to have all the traffic your network or machines can deal with. Even when peers are not in the local network, cloud services (free accounts for sure) limits traffic for you. So if you have quite capable connection, direct traffic is also way faster (and with n