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  1. Is Sync still being developed past bug fixes? Other than a few beta clients releases every several months, none lead me to believe that anything new or substantial is coming in the future. Resilio should switch to EOL and make the entire feature set free to all - who still use it. I own 8 Pro licenses and feel that it was a big waste of money and misplaced trust that development would continued Enough promises already. This is reminiscent of Microsoft and Windows Phone, Windows RT - denial. Silence. Patches. Silence. Gone.
  2. I would like this feature also, but for me, I would specifically want to augment or integrate such a feature into Plex. Syncing videos within Plex "works" but there are so many limitations and pitfalls when used with multiple users on shared devices. It would be great if Sync could make currently syncing video files available for playback after xx% of the file had downloaded.
  3. Development on Sync since Resilio has stagnated and seemingly-simple cross-platform concepts such as thumbnails -- which are beyond necessary for advanced sync'd folders, still isn't implemented is sad. My family and friends share countless videos and large files. All of our media is fully tagged with txt and image data before being added to our shared sync'd folders. However, file names alone are not sufficient when it comes to deciding which files to sync locally. Heck, there aren't even file sizes or estimates of file sizes shown on (Windows Explorer) client computers. That said, we STOPPED using Sync to sync our family photo albums and archives LONG AGO because files weren't being updated and sync'd properly between devices (all of them were Windows PCs) and we were losing valuble metadata which took many dozens of hours to manually tag and edit. What began 4 years ago as a thriving cross-platform non-cloud-cloud service has withered into nothingness with terrible "support," buggy software and zero advances in features or technology since the "major update" to 2.x .
  4. Please tell me of the alternative you found!!!!! Even though I have purchased about a half a dozen licenses for Sync "Pro" (LOL) I too am fed up with the crappy support, buggy software and countless times Sync has had to re-index my shared folders for no reason, or completely erased several folders deep of large files! (thankfully, I was smart enough to NOT rely on Sync as a backup, and had all (most) of the files backed up to a local server! -- because every logged in device had it's shares wiped clean. Why do these things happen? How do they happen? How can users prevent such catastrophic events from happening again?! -- No one at Resilio knows why, how or tried to implement safeguards into their software to prevent such issues from happening. PLEASE PM me with the details of your switch!!
  5. This has now happened to my Sync "server" which stores the 30TB of folders I sync to different devices. As you suggested to AL40k, I posted my logs as well as a descrption of the issue to your "Submit a Regquest" webpage. However, after attaching the files, and pressing "submit" at the bottom of the page, nothing happens. I still have the page open and have clicked "submit" several more times. ... .. update: I seems I had too many log files attached so I reduced the number and only uploaded/attached what it would allow.
  6. Frank Maier: thank you for quoting Lost Copter's post regarding the Size column! That is CRAZY! So currently only 2.79TB out of 9.69TB has been indexed?! Oh, Lord!!! At this rate indexing is going to take another 3 weeks before it completes! Yikes! What strikes me as 'odd' is that I had 7TB + 3TB already indexed in two separate folders. I then merged them into one 'mega folder' using Storage Spaces. No files were changed and I didn't create a new shared folder. I used the larger folder's Sync Share and added the other folder into it. I was assuming that only the new added folders would be indexed as I already have/had the other files indexed. boooo! I'm going to go back into Advanced Settings and make sure I have "low priority" turned off. [update, low disk priority is set to False.... Is there a way to give it a HIGHER priority?
  7. Yea, I have a 11TB folder I'm trying to get indexed and sometimes I see Sync indexing the folder, and other times it's not doing anything.... Has it completed it's indexing, taking a break or is it verifying it's current index????
  8. Create a config file to have Sync place 'deleted' files in an alternate directory path?
  9. Thank you, I know -- I have to do that every time I set up a new device.
  10. I too HATE how by default Sync moves deleted items to the archive folder! I too have Sync monitoring and keeping my media files backed up. The problem is that every time a file is replaced with a newer/updated file, the old file and folder get moved and found by my the multimedia agents such as Plex Server and MyMovies! H-A-V-O-C Resilio should really expand their setup with a simple wizard to allow users to turn this feature ON if they want it, or even better, give users the option of placing the Archive folder(s) in alternate directories or different hard drive.
  11. Installing/Upgrading from b662 to 2.4 Windows x64 (desktop) b666 worked as expected. Installing/Upgrading from b662 to 2.4 Windows x64 (service) b666 appeared to complete installation, but upon opening my browser to view if the upgrade was successful, it was still showing that build b662 was installed. I stopped and restarted the service and it still reflected that b662 was the current version. I tried the install again, same result. I killed the Sync process from Task Manager, and verified that the service was stopped, I then did the install, opened my browser and it now reflects the successful upgrade to b666. If stopping the service prior to upgrading is required or recommended, I think that should be stated during the upgrade process.
  12. The latest 622 has resolved the issue where Sync would get stuck indexing when a new folder was added.
  13. ok, I now just checked to see if there is an updated RC 2 and there is. One of the issues resolved seems to cover what I am experiencing.
  14. Well, that was short lived.... My system that is running Sync as a Service on Windows 10 x64 keeps getting "stuck" when large transfers are happening. When large files are transferring/syncing to clients running the Sync 2.4 desktop app, my "server" running as a service begins the transfer(s), but later stops sending data and then gets caught "indexing" one or more folders for indefinite period of time -- even though no changes were made to the folder(s) being indexed. While "indexing" is taking place, my CPU utilization fluctuates from between 24 - 30% and is high enough priority that it pretty much prevents my computer from conducting other tasks in a timely fashion. The only way to correct the issue is to manually stop and restart the service. Then files again transfer as expected, but I need to keep on checking because more than likely the transfers will stop with the same symptoms as described above.
  15. Running Sync Pro x64 as a service on Windows 10 x64. Stopped Sync Service Backed up both Sync Users folder and Program Data folders. Ran the new Resilio Installer, upgraded as Service. Within seconds the upgrade was completed and my browser was showing my Sync'd folders and correct licensing information - success! Now to upgrade my other computers....
  16. re: slow speed. The computer I am referring to belongs to my mother and she is the primary user and the Sync app was installed using her account (admin) The other users are for the grandkids or her husband who signs in with his MSA account so he can access "his stuff." For example. My mother logs into her PC in the morning and decides she's like to sync some large file to her PC. She right-clicks on a file or folder and chooses Sync to this device (or something like that). The file(s) begin to download and are downloading at a rate of 1.2MB/s Later in the morning her husband or grandkid sign into her computer as well -- there are now "2" logged in users: Herself, and the 2nd family member. At that point, the 1.2MB/s download speed immediately changes to 50kbps and now her download is estimated to be completed in a month or more. Even if she then re-signs back into her user account the download/receive speeds stays at 50kbps and will not return to the full 1.2MB/s speed until the other user is logged OUT. This is not good since she doesn't know the password for the grandkids and if they leave for the day/night she either has to reboot her computer or use TaskManager to logoff the errant user. I was hoping that this above problem would go away if she could use Sync as a Service -- but I think learning a new GUI for an 84 year old is a little much. Thanks for your assistance and I will play around with this scenario with the newer Sync versions since I haven't played around with this recently.
  17. Oh, I see..... So what you are saying is that when Sync (Pro) is running as a Service on Windows "client" PC with, for example; Read-Only permissions, they will not be able to Sync files and folders from Windows File Explorer, but are only able to do so via the BitSync WebGUI?
  18. In the past I have installed the Sync mobile app for Windows Phone with the hope of using the service to "approve" or "decline" new Sync users/clients or to send invitations via my phone to friends or family. While I was able to use the app to approve a new user, it also meant that I also had to sync the desired folders to my phone/device and while I understand that I don't have to actually sync the physical files to my phone (selective sync) it did allow me to accidently delete entire volumes of data when I accidently deleted or disconnected the folder(s) -- it was too long ago to remember what (foolish) thing I did. With that experience always haunting me, I have been hesitant to connect my account to my phone again. Is there a way that I can SAFELY manage my shared folders, files and Users with-zero-risk to my data stored on my "server?" IF I connect my phone to my BtSync account as a "read-only" client, then I can't share or approve new users -- right?
  19. I use Sync to sync folders between several family members and these being "family" computers have multiple user log-ins/users on Windows. Is there a way to use "selective sync" AND Sync as a service on a computer? I already have Sync running as a service on my main pc which hosts the files, but the other computers currently use Selective Sync on their systems and only download the files/folders they wish to. The problem I'm trying to avoid is that when a 2nd user logs onto a PC which is running Sync, all current and future file syncs happen as only 50-400kbs when multiple users have signed into the same computer. Transfers continue to be slow even when the User with the BtSync account logs back in -- Speeds go back to normal once there is only one user profile logged in again. When I have tried installing (remotely) Sync as a service on this PC, I no longer get the BtSync GUI for "Sync to this device" option. Is what I'm asking for possible?
  20. When I add a new folder that has many files and directories in it, Sync will take a long time to discover the directories before it begins indexing. Around this time, my system gets an Internet Explorer error message and asks if I want to continue or close program. Both File Explorer and Internet Explorer are the same/similar this could be the same issue.
  21. Can someone please clarify; as I am having a similar/same problem with my Windows machines. What are you referring to by "Identity" I am familiar with the following designations in the BitTorrent Sync 2.x system Owner Customer ID User Name Device Name Fingerprint I do have two licenses for my syncing because I need to be able to sync some files and folders to one computer and other and all folders to another computer. Each machine has it's own "device name" and "fingerprint" while two machines share one "user name" and the other 3 use my alternate user name.
  22. Same problem on my setup as well, but mine are all using Windows 8.1 I have a set of "master" read-only folders with one BTS license and then have my other machines on another license and those are either set to sync all = yes or sync all = no. All of the "non-master" machines are showing thousands of files that need to be "updated" and/or replaced? But they are not transferring anything. However, when I attempt to sync a new file partnership within a pre-existing shared folder, the new sync starts and completes as expected. I have been using BitTorrent Sync since the early beta 1 days and can't honestly remember having so many issues. It seems to me that the BitTorrent Sync team was either too ambitious with their new feature set, or they took 2.0 out of beta (alpha?) testing too soon. Im nearing the point of carrying going back to carrying around a "portable san" with all my files on it and give up on the promises of BTS.
  23. Well the ball is in your court since I uploaded those logs weeks ago. I am now in the process of making regular backups to the appdata directory. It seems this is the only method I have found that MAY allow for restoration of a botched system update or system failure (they are stored on OneDrive for safekeeping) I am pretty sure that I deleted the corrupt/old appdata directory a few weeks back so that I wouldn't mistakenly mix them up with my more recent good ones.
  24. Yes, I am aware, but I was told that since Sync didn't have the Debugging turned on, there wasn't anything else your people could do.
  25. I am having a similar problem and can not delete files/folders as well. As soon as I delete the folder containing the files I want to get rid of, the folder bounces into the Archive folder as expected. Then moments later, the folder has found it's way back in it's original location and has been removed from the Archive. Trying to "double delete" the folder from both the original sync'd folder as well as the Archive folder is impossible as they keep bouncing back and forth so quickly. Renaming the folder has not helped either -- now I have two folder I'm trying to remove one is empty and the other one has the files in it. Neither of them are allowing me to remove them.