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  1. Ok, thanks for that but I need some more help if you can. so on my NAS which is one of the 2 devices, I enabled the Pro trial to test. Under "My Devices" I have now set new folders from other devices to disconnected. What would be my next step? Add "/mnt/sync/_data" on my NAS? Then what? What do I do on my MAcbook (second device) do I add the code for the "/mnt/sync/_data" share or do I first somehow link these 2 devices (not sure I need that) Or do I create a share on the MAcbook for "/Users/ovi/Documents/_data/" ? Sorry, this tool is very confus
  2. Same question over here. I have started a 30 day trial of the PRO version to see if this does what I need and as @Peter asked I would like to sync a specific folder which exists on 2 devices currently. I did a few tests and can't seem to get the folder structure right. so on device a) I select the folder: /mnt/sync/_data on device b) the existing structure is: /Users/ovi/Documents/_data so when selecting the share link from a) do I point it to /Users/ovi/Documents/_data on b) or one folder up => /Users/ovi/Documents/ I'm confused if /mnt/sync/_d