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  1. That makes sense. I used this post to add the repository and install BTSync ... So, I installed and configured BTSync using sudo or "root". Seems like the package/installation, from the link above, setup my BTSync configuration to auto-start when the computer loads (probably as root because I used that to install it). Do you know of a configuration file, and where it is located, that I could manually go in and change the user id that starts BTSync? Or do you recommend doing a apt-get remove and installing it again without sudo?
  2. Thank you! I will give this a try tonight. I didn't realize there was a different client download link. I had downloaded the Mac client yesterday from your main BitTorrent Sync download button on the website. It didn't specify a version on the download popup overlay. Thanks again.
  3. I am not around my Mac laptop at the moment, and won't be able to get to it to check it for a few hours. If I recall correctly the Mac client was version ... 1.0.4??? Something along those lines... When I was getting the "secret is invalid" message I made sure run the "update check" in Mac's BitTorrent Sync client's settings/preferences window to see if there were any updates available. Every time I checked it came back and said it was "up to date"
  4. I updated my Ubuntu 13.04 BitTorrent Sync yesterday to the latest 1.1.22. Now I am having an issue on my Mac computer. The Mac BitTorrent Sync client keeps telling me my secret key is invalid. I just downloaded the Mac client yesterday so I should have the latest client. Is there a reason why the Mac client is saying my secret is invalid...? I re-generated several secrets and still no luck. When I use the final secret I created on a second Ubuntu computer it works perfectly fine, no invalid message there.
  5. I am running two Ubuntu 13.04 systems. Everything seems to be syncing properly between the two machines. The only issue I am having now is when my second machine goes and gets the files, it pulls them down and sets the permissions of the file as ... owner = root and group = root. Is there anyway to configure my BT Sync setup so when it pulls down the files it won't change the file permissions to root:root ?