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  1. We are currently looking into the possibilities of using BitSync for your study association. We have an active base of volunteers of around 100 students, and everyone has their own laptop. Currently we are only providing access to committee specific folders on our own workstations, or via samba when using VPN. We are trying to work something out where we can give each committee their own key and sync their folders between our server and their laptops. One of the main problems we are facing currently is the lack of user-management, we want to be able to revoke individual users' rights to sync with the specific folders. Our main workaround would be to duplicate the folder, generate a new key, empty the old one and issue the new secret to everyone except the member leaving the committee. But this is not really workable. If we can make a set up which is user-friendly enough for non-geeks to use, and maintain than we would be looking at syncing ~1tb of data over 100+ users.