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  1. After disable this option "Use NAT UPnP port mapping" in bittorrent sync will it not mess with my Yamaha reciever anymore. No "Access error" after this change. I will do with Manuall port forwarding.
  2. I can confirm this bugg aswell.... I am having a Yamaha RX-810 receiver and after playing music from the net for about 5 minutes it will get "Access error". I can also add to this conversation that I will lose access to the receiver through its web control page or through the phone control apps. The yamaha receiver is lisening for some data package that bittorrent sync is sending out and will crash on trying to handle it. My reciever has options for setting up mac filter access. So far my reciever have not crashed again after enabling the mac address filter on my receiver. Sadly I will not be able to access my receiver from any computer with bittorrent sync running - I will have to do with only access through the phone app. EDIT. just after posting this. the receiver got access error again. ;(
  3. Just think about what unexpected result you would get from syncing and checking out any other branch in git
  4. The list of files and stuff a developer would like to tell sync to ignore is immense. It is basically the same list that he would like to tell his VCS to ignore. Take a look at the gitignore project on GitHub for samples for various application types including Visual Studio, C# and C++. If .SyncIgnore was synched it would not be a big pain managing the lists yourself to your own needs… but in the end, when one thinks twice, sticking too VCS instead of trying to sync the working folder is probably much more pain free. I still think that .git/, .svn/, .cvs/ should not sync, just to protect the tool from backfiring on people who still will try this lazy form of code management.
  5. I like to *bump* this up. ".SyncIgnore" is the main reason for me to abandon Dropbox/Skydrive. Though it is sad we have to manually add filters to protect the VCS on all clients. If .SyncIgnore can’t be synced developers would like to see that the defaults included the above suggestions.