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  1. Nope, just with the privacy options listed above.
  2. Not sure...I dumped btsync for my own OpenVPN + SSH solution (with a Raspberry Pi acting as the server attached to a 240GB SSD). Much as I was impressed by btsync, I'm just not gonna trust it until they opensource the code.
  3. Got, it thanks. What I don't understand is why BTSync is so much slower without the external tracker server? For comparison, with Unison over SSH, I get 3 MB/s vs. 200 KB/s with BTSync. Going back to Unison over VPN for now...
  4. I want to restrict BTSync to only those devices connected to my LAN. I'm using a DHCP server, so designating predefined hosts doesn't help. When I de-select all of the general options except "Search LAN" BTSync works, but very very slowly (50 KB/s). When I enable "Use tracker server" I get solid performance (1 MB/s). 1. Is the tracker server an external host or is it confined to my network? 2. Is the DHT network restricted to my network, or does it look outside on the internet as well? 3. What is the best way to configure BTSync to only work on my LAN? Thanks.