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  1. All computers are running 1.1.69. Guess I'll find a way to gracefully shut down the program then.
  2. I've currently got Sync set up on about 50 computers, and for some reason, shared folders will sometimes duplicate nearly every file within them. For example, I'm currently looking at a folder that has a program inside that generates a changelist.txt. Sync adds a number to the file every time it duplicates it, and this particular one is currently up to changelist.7.txt. There are also several versions that don't appear to have synced fully, as they read changelist.x.txt!sync. All of these computers are running windows 7 professional 64 bit. Is there something I'm missing, some setting that I can enable that will prevent this? Or is there something wrong with the folder I'm syncing that's causing this to happen? I don't know if it's related or not, but occasionally sync will just stop transferring and receiving on the computers. It appears to be some sort of time thing, because I launch Sync on all computers at the same time, and they all die out within a few minutes of each other. When this happens, I send a taskkill /f command to all the computers to kill Sync, and then load it back up again. Could forcing the process to close be causing issues? Oh yeah, sometimes files are rather persistent and refuse being deleted, too. I know that deleting a file or folder is supposed to remove it from all computers, but sometimes I get something that just refuses to die. I'm currently looking at a particular file, launcher.3.exe!sync, which I've been deleting every time I come back to my computer for the past 30 minutes, and it keeps coming back. Thankfully it's the only one of about 300 files I've cleaned up today, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.
  3. This happens fairly frequently to me. Restarting the inactive client will fix the issue. I've never managed to "catch" this happening while debug mode was on, though, so I've been unable to submit a bug report.
  4. Thanks for your responses, I discovered the problem. Most of my computers were updated to the current version, but for some reason, a few failed and I didn't catch it. As soon as those devices were given the secret and added to the network, the files would break. I've updated all computers and double checked to ensure they have the correct versions. Pushed the files out to 50 computers now with no problem. Thanks!
  5. I have a 13 GB folder with 510 files that I'm trying to sync up with several computers. The folder is a Steam game that I'm trying to push out to 10 computers that are all connected through a local network. All the computers are running Windows 7 Pro. All of Sync's settings are default. The first odd thing that I notice is that, upon generating a secret for the folder, Sync only indexes 10.9 GB of the folder & 494 of the files. This isn't that disturbing, though, because Steam itself says the folder is 10.95 GB in size. I started with Computer A. Computer A had downloaded, installed, and successfully run the game. I then started up Sync on Computer B. Computer B successfully synced, and I was able to launch the game without any issue. I then started syncing on 8 more computers. Once all 10 computers were synced, I noticed a problem. The file size on all computers had dropped to 9.7 GB, and there were only 490 files. This was true not just for the 8 newly added computers, but Computer A and Computer B as well. When I tried launching the game on any computer, even the original two, I got an error and needed to redownload 11 corrupt files. So, I'm not sure what the exact problem is here. I repeated this entire process from scratch a second time, using 10 new computers, and got the same results. Am I doing something wrong with Sync? Is there an option somewhere I'm missing?