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  1. The site above has a much different rating for the Seagate Central from's.,2817,2424415,00.asp I have a Central, I have not tried speeds using Bitsync.,87.html
  2. I guess you could think of Bitsync as having 2 parts, a PC to PC VPN for file copying only and a file synch system with some advanced data compression / synching. I'm hoping that Bitsync becomes the basis for a PC to PC VPN which will allow more than just file sharing, I'd like to see printer sharing and remote control using RDC or VNC programs. This would remove or reduce the chances of you-know-who being able to sniff / monitor commercial VPN connections.
  3. All the data files are marked read only in windows explorer, I'm guessing that's why bitsync won't copy them. The autorecovery folder does have non read only versions and bitsync is syncing those.
  4. I just noticed my files don't seem to be current, my last QBW file is from 10.22 even though I used Qbooks Monday. I do have QBW.SyncPart file date 11.24 but my data source name and another file are dated 11.25. I have Qbooks on a separate PC that I usually shut down right away, I'll leave it on after my next Qbooks session to see how long it takes for the data to sync before and after I disable the file monitoring processes.
  5. check your running processes after quitting Qbooks, my PC usually has 2 or 3 exe files active. Qbooks wants to do online data syncing and does not like being told no, that might be why the files won't sync.
  6. I just bought one after returning a WD my cloud, once I get the central working normally I'll see if it will handle Bitsync.
  7. 1.2.67 uses 71 meg of ram on my win 7 and 8 PCs, previouis version was a memory hog on XP pro sp3. CPU is less than 5% at idle, jumps around as I save stuff.
  8. Just in case you weren't aware.
  9. I'm planning on syncing a USB drive on a PC at my inlaw's house, but they are 3 hours ahead of me. How will BTsync handle the time difference? Is it smart enough to recognized the time zone settings in XP or win 7?
  10. Me 3, my win 7 netbook with dbf files from 9.16 managed to replace files on my desktop with a 9.20 date. I was able to restore the correct versions with Spideroak. Both folders are on Truecrypt partitions, I have to keep remembering to share those drives after a reboot, otherwise Bitsync can't see the other device. this is the first time I've seen this in the 2 months I've been using Bitsync. Bitsync hangs when rebooting my XP pro PC, have not seen that on win 7 or 8.
  11. Yes, the Exchange files on the server. Bitsync does copy other db files which normally are locked by the db so I thought it could copy locked files, must be a different level of rights.
  12. Sync says I have 3 files in 15 Mb in my mdbdta folder, but it has about 9 gigs in 8 files. I deleted the sync and recreated but still get the same result. Anyone else seen this?
  13. ability to copy host list from one folder to another or make it a global setting
  14. I would think an IT guy could afford a larger house than that...
  15. One of my clients bought a new PC last week. Normally I would drive to the client's office, pickup the PC and bring it back to my office for basic OS updates, program installs, drive partitioning, etc. My next trip would be to copy over the data and make the swap, that usually was a 2 or 3 hour process. This week I used a remote control program to install Bitsync on the existing PC and had all the data copied over before I left my office, a great time saver. Once I got onsite the last minutes data copied without any intervention on my part. I've stopped using Spideroak for syncing folders and will soon stop using it for my online backup service once I get a NAS. Since Spideroak and Bitsync both use about 200k of RAM each that will help reduce the overhead.
  16. Sounds like someone else might have created a sync on the corporate folder, which presents an interesting security aspect, how would a system admin know if his/her server folders were being synced? I got that same error when I tried creating a sync from a 3rd PC to my main PC, I had forgotten that I already had a sync on that folder on the main to a 2nd PC. Once I copied the key from the master to the 3rd PC it worked.
  17. I'm syncing XP pro, win 7 starter and win 8 without any problems.
  18. Steve Gibson covered the security aspect to some extent in his Security Now podcast.
  19. I'm running 1.1.42 on 2003 small business server and so far it seems to be working OK, am I missing something? I'm no server expert.
  20. Ignore read only files, my history window is overflowing with messages about files it can't copy.
  21. I found out after I posted that I had, but when I clicked on the check for updates link it said it was the latest. The memory useage has not seemed to drop much with 1.1.26. Process explorer still shows a UDP connection to
  22. >>just disable the Relay, Tracker, and DHT options I'm new to BT sync, can these be set globally? So far it looks like I need to do this on each of my 15 folders individually. I did see a netstat entry for right after installing the client which went away after I blocked sync in my firewall. Process explorer shows sync using 114k / 297k of ram on an XP pro laptop but only 58k / 187k on a win 7 starter netbook that has the same number of folders being synched. I turned off all my syncs in Spideroak thinking BT sync could replace it but the memory use has me rethinking my plan.