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  1. Thanks for that just a bit of a pain for me. Guess I will have to as head office IT to load the newer version then.
  2. Hi a bit of a strange request but was wondering why the auto update on 1.48.1 is still telling me it is up to date? The reason I ask is I have this running on a work server but my user rights will not let me run a exe file to load a newer version. and to get head office to dial in to load a new version is a pain. I have updated it twice before always a bit behind but I am running 1.82.1 currently on my other machines hence wanted to bring the server up to date.
  3. I second the request for a server install as I have this running on a WHS 2011 (2008R2 cut down) and a server 2003R2 at work and currently not had much luck in running as a service/task on either machines so leave them both logged in. Home one not an issue but the work one is a bit of an issue as others log it out. and the reason I run this at work as I am only in the office one day a week and RDC through the VNC is hard work. Any ideal on timings would be great and might save a lot of time trying to get this to run. Keep up the great work as this software is great. And I have over 500GB now being sync'd to one machine from 7 others. plus syncing work folders around the world for my sales team. I would pay for this but love the fact it's free.
  4. So I have this loaded on my WHS 2011 and each laptop now syncs there photos back to the server and then I sync all the music, video, full set of Photos back to my Laptop as I have a second 1TB drive in the place of the DVD drive so I have all my videos/music when traveling and as a second back up. On top of this I am in the process of haveing it loaded on the works server so that we can sync the folders need when out of the office and around the world to my Sales Team as we have be running on DropBox but due to some only have the starter account this is limited and group what all the files on there server. This is great I have the Android app running and this works as well just seems to be heavy on the battery so OK on my tablet but have turned it off on the phone and only turn it on when I want to update the few files that I do want on my phone. My wish is to have a server version that would allow you to set up a different username and password that I could access localy through http and the ip address as this would make managing the server side easier. Keep up the good work this is the best free software I have used for years.
  5. Thanks for the link I look on the link in your post and just couldn't find the android link.
  6. How do I get a link for the Android app as I want to load this on my tablet to be able to sync my flies to this, Currently use dropbox and drop sync but changing over to Bittorrent sync as this is great as linked in to my home server which is on all the time and backed up twice a day. I have gone through the front page and reg but no link sent this was some 2-3 weeks ago.