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  1. It would be great if btsync could report your peers version numbers (or at least have an option to broadcast your version number). I run btsync on many servers to synchronize files/configuration files and knowing which client I need to update or hasn't been updated would make it simpler for management.
  2. I've noticed btsync overwrites newer files if a node has been away for a while. For example, I had a node that did not have network connectivity for a few days, and I didn't touch anything in the sync folder. When it reconnected, it overwrote the files that were updated between all the other nodes and reverted to an older version. Why does this happen? This is on the latest version (1.1.82). Thank you.
  3. Is there a reason why Bittorrent sync on android deletes any symlinks inside a folder that is being sync'd?
  4. To answer my own question, the solution is available here: Just needed to do this: sudo ln -s /lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/ /lib/
  5. Has anyone got btsync working on a Samsung ARM 11.6" Chromebook that is using Crouton (to load Ubuntu). btsync doesn't seem to run on this device even though it's an ARM cpu.
  6. I've been using btsync to synchronize a web server. One is master and the rest are slaves, with read-only keys, downloading changes from the master. Works beautifully. I can also see companies selling btsync storage instances to compete with Dropbox once the API is ready. Although storage costs are expensive on the cloud.
  7. Maybe I'll add a sleep timer, i.e. wait 5 seconds after "killall btsync" and then do a "killall -9 btsync". How long does btsync usually take to shut down gracefully?
  8. #/bin/sh killall -9 btsync rm btsync wget $1 -O download.tar.gz tar -xzvf download.tar.gz rm download.tar.gz ./btsync Save the file as btupdater in the same directory as your btsync executable Run chmod +x btupdater to allow execution To use, pass of the location of the latest btsync tar.gz file as the first argument. ex. ./btupdater I wonder, could btsync be used to update itself with a new binary? Assuming all your btsync daemons are running the same architecture, could you sync the actual executable folder and replace the executable on one and it will replace on all the others? I'm not a professional scripter or anything.
  9. How can I convert a computer in one of the swarms from Full sync to read-only sync? (The computer is running Linux and using the linux btsync). I can't change the secret to a read-only secret. What's the proper way about going about this? I don't want to have to redownload everything.