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  1. I have been stresstesting your system and found a way to loose data when it is not intended. I made a selective sync folder. I marked a test folder inside the folder as "remove from this device". I double cliked the folder (forcing it to ad the folder but not the sub files and folders). I opened the folder and asked to add one large file. While it was downloading that file I moved the whole folder to a sub folder. It managed to move all the files locally and on the server EXCEPT for the file it was downloading. Selective sync was in a intermediatestate where the file was not present as an offline link and not there as an actual file. Moving it caused the program to make a wrong list. Pretty scary bug.
  2. I just updated the btsync to the lastest version (Beta) - but same problem. it crashes after a while. Anybody please help
  3. I have installed debian on my hp medivault 5020. ( I have tried to use btsync on it. I have tried to install manually and I have tried install via apt-get (link). Both runs and gives med the webgui, but after a few seconds of file transfer it crashes. When I run it in --nodaemon I get the following error: "Segmentation fault" I have tried to search the net and the forums without luck. Any help would be much appriciated. Fyi: this is what the debian install page says about the compile environment: "You should now have a complete Debian system running on your HP mv2120. You can use apt-get and other tools to install additional software. The mv2120 is an ARM based device and the armel architecture is fully supported by Debian. "
  4. This sound like my problem: Can you please help. Please tell me what you did??