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  1. Hi all. Playing around with keeping 2 Synology DS918+ NAS systems in sync with Resilio Sync, installed directly from the package manager. On Windows for example Sync seems to see if a file has changed and sync it sort of real time but on the Synology it doesn't seem to work the same way. Changes are picked up but only after the 10 minute interval in the advanced settings. Is this purely a limitation of the Synology NAS and Resilio Sync, or is this something that can be addressed with some settings tweaks? Appreciate everyones time.
  2. Hi all. For 2 of my I wish to set my sync default location to a network share, it fails with an error if I try: http://imgur.com/660LY4t
  3. To my knowledge its just 10 top folders, with unlimited sub folders. So in your case you're only using 1 folder of the 10 limit. To back me up:
  4. Why don't you offer a $10/year plan? No pro features but unlimited sync folders?
  5. Hi All. Is anyone running this as a docker and if so what docker are you using? I'm using one right now but its behind a few versions and with 1.4 out now its behind even more.
  6. Maybe I missed something huge and if I did, sorry. Can Sync now support nested shares? It doesn't seem to be complaining about adding one?
  7. Mike, what GreatMarko says above is correct. For the record it's my personal data, it doesn't contain anything illegal etc. The idea is someone else has a reasonable share of data that they would like an extra offsite node for that data. The swap would ensure both parties have this option for free.
  8. Hi All. I have a 25GB folder, looking to see if anyone wants to take the encrypted secret and place it on their system. In exchange I will take their encrypted secret as long as the folder size difference isn't huge. e.g. 25GB vs 100GB. For reference I am in Australia and my connection is 100/40 and my system will be on 99% of the time. (allowing for power outages, internet outages or having to restart the box for something)
  9. Hi All I have a scenario to put to you all to see if this would actually mean I would download more then the required amount due to double ups. So I have a server that I download from, to speed up the download process I have two machines in my home syncing the same folder. Lets say the server (on the internet) has a 100GB share. Computer A is connected Computer B is connected A and B are connected on the same LAN Now I certainly download faster this way but my question is whilst I download faster am I going to end up downloading more then 100GB? Obviously the system is smart enough to pick up files from another machine over the LAN but it is smart enough not to double up on downloads? Sorry if this is obvious or has been answered before.
  10. That worked for me. Are you planning on supporting encrypted shares?
  11. I have tried that a few times with that same effect, I would take a screenshot but it would look as though I haven't entered anything in the box. I can do a team viewer video.
  12. Hi. Just signed up, first comment is that the validation link is missing in the email, the http:// in the address and therefore at least my email client isn't making it clickable. Might be a hurdle for others. During the shopping cart/plan selection phase I am getting an error with the code and it doesn't work. The red wide bar that I assume would contain the error text is blank. For reference: https://mediacru.sh/fTk4BaefDMOv
  13. Ah, I thought you were looking to seed a public a download. Added to my server anyway. The entirety of your 4 bytes has synced.
  14. Is the data legal etc.? If it is I am happy to add it to my server, it has a 100mbps upload.
  15. Do you actually need to be a developer? I get that you need an API key to use this but does a personal user that wants to use the new features qualify to use the API and key?
  16. What I believe you are asking about is called nested shares. Currently its not available. You can read a little more here: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/14936-test-ideanested-shares/
  17. How do you know its not going into sleep? Serious question, is there a log or something?
  18. Thanks, hopefully this will be changed in future to include all photos.
  19. Quick question that may have been covered, I checked by couldn't see it. Does the camera backup only cover pictures taken on the device and screenshots and pictures saved from email, the web etc. or does it cover everything? My question is I import photos to my iPad off my camera with the SD card reader device will these be backed up as well?
  20. Let me explain it again sorry as I obviously didn't do a very good job the first time. I am trying to find out if anyone would be interested if a public area was setup where users could post the keys to an open source/ free download. The idea of the system is users like myself who have spare machines could add the key to our system to effectively help the project share its self. As an example an open source project has some large files, lets take the example of the Flight Gear scenery which I think is around 20GB. Someone posts the key and users such as myself offer our bandwidth to assist the project sharing the files, in theory reducing the cost of getting files out there for the open source project. Similar to the way universities etc. offer mirrors for Linux distros, it would be a way for normal users to support an open source project in a way that is available to them. The idea of the service is to bring these projects and their downloads together for the users and the people that want to offer bandwidth. Hopefully that makes a little more sense.
  21. *If this has been suggested before please let me know and I will ask to have the thread closed* I am wondering if there is a great deal of demand or interest in a service that uses community members machines/servers to serve updates for programs etc. The idea being that it would be for legal/open source/free content and would be a way for community members like myself to aid open source projects etc. in distributing updates. As an example. A user or group decides they want to use the BtSync network to distribute updates to a game (lets use the example of FlightGear) they make a folder with the installer in it and share the read only key of that folder. This key is then shared to the group of people that have raised their hands to say they have interest in this, if they are interested they add the key to their VPS or home machine to help seed the downloads. One of the advantages of this over torrents is updates could be pushed out to the users that elect to receive them.
  22. That makes perfect sense, thanks for clearing that up. I found a bug/problem with the camera backup on my iPhone 5. I sent feedback.
  23. I wanted to verify something. The app talks about a negative effect on batter life when using the camera backup feature. Is that just because it will be doing alot of syncing? Does it run at all times if you leave it on automatic backup or does it only run when you open the app?
  24. Just followed you both.