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  1. Exactly. Maybe "QR code of a sync folder should 'inherit' that folder's advanced settings, plus the static IP of the host system that QR code is being generated on" is a better description of what I mean. However, aside from encoding already defined hosts, could BTSync really not check if it runs behind a static IP? And if yes, on-the-fly encode that into the QR as well? I'm not admin nor programmer, but pretty much every computer I connected to a network so far could tell me whether it used a static IP or DCPH. I assume are ar OS APIs that programs can poll, no?
  2. Hello! This might seem to be a very narrow use-case at first, but please read on ;-) I have a work PC with static IP address and need to sync pictures quickly from my mobile. Via the occasional WiFi or mobile data connection, this is not working reliably. I presume the mobile app tries to contact tracker and/or relay servers? I'd love to be able to configure the synced folder on the mobile to connect to a pre-defined host, like I can in the desktop app. That way I'm happily syncing various other desktop PCs in- and outside of the work-LAN with my work-PC. Which kind of acts as the "spider in the web" ;-) Even connecting different peers which would not have found each other, because I deactivated tracker, relay, DHT etc. So, how about making the desktop app encode the IP address of its host in case that is found to be static. Port as well obviously, so the mobile app can more quickly, reliably and in a bandwidth-saving manner connect to the work PC? This idea could be expanded to encode the other advanced settings as well. So that for music for example that I only sync between home PC and laptop in my home-(W)LAN, the mobile app could also be pre-configured to sync it only there. What do you think? Thanks for this app eithe way and many greetings :-) PS: I should add that the "occasional WiFi" is still within my work place, but separate from the LAN somehow. Syncing from work-PC (LAN) to laptop (WLAN) works fine, even when I didn't yet have the latter's sync folders configured to use a pre-defined host.
  3. Merci! I suggest to add it to these simple overview pages that list all the other installers per version, like http://syncapp.bittorrent.com/1.3.87/ for example.
  4. Hello! I haven't seen any APK downloads for the past few releases. Where else other then Google's Play store (which I don't want to use) can I download official APKs? Thanks and greetings!
  5. On my end, the problem seems to be solved by upgrading BTSync on the Mac to 1.3.87. Thanks and greetings!
  6. Hello and thanks for looking into this problem. How do I find the sync log on Android? The pinned topic doesn't say. In the logs on the Mac, a lot of this appears while Mac and Phone do not find each other: bind port is _Mac_Port_ UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. NAT-PMP: Unable to map port with NAT-PMP. UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying. UPnP: Unable to map port _Mac_IP:Port_ with UPnP. When they do see each other, these entries appear: Checking connection to _Phone_IP:Port_:TCP Lost tunnel to _Phone_IP:Port_:TCP, remaining tunnels: 0 Lost peer for folder /Users/... Failed to open tunnel to _Phone_IP:Port_:TCP Sometimes a new hope kindles: Lost tunnel to _Phone_IP:Port_:uTP, remaining tunnels: 2 Best tunnel now is _Phone_IP:Port_:TCP Found peer for folder /Users/... _Hash_ _Phone_IP:Port_ direct:1 transport:1 I hope these log fragments help. I'd prefer not to send the full ones, because they contain so much private data that would a PITA to remove, I'm sorry.
  7. I have installed BTSync 1.3.69 on a Mac OSX 10.9.2 and 1.3.67 manually on a Fairphone (OS 1.1, based on Android 4.2.2). Both were upgrades from earlier versions and there were 3 folder-pairs set up with only the "Search LAN"- and "Store deleted files in SyncArchive"-options enabled on the Mac's side. This worked fine. Now with the 1.3 upgrade, a totally weird and IMHO inconsistent pattern of the folders finding each other & syncing. At first, the phone did not find the Mac in the same WiFi. Intermittently, one of the folders did, but lost connection. Then, activating cellular data on the phone and "Search Tracker" on the Mac yielded the folder "finding" and syncing within a few seconds. Deactivating cellular data and tracker again often has no effect: the devices still see each other for a while. But after a few hours, the same problem appears again, sometimes with different folder pairs than before. What does this sounds like to you? Problem with the "Search LAN"-option? Router problem (worked fine before v1.3)? Deleting the sync folders, setting them up again with new keys and pairing the phone's folder again does not help.
  8. Hello! Thanks so much for this big update and the API :-) Is there anything to consider before upgrading from 1.1.82? Will syncing be possible between old & new versions? Will the old one prompt for auto-update? Thanks and greetings!
  9. Let's collect more details about this issue. I started trying to sync with the app's version 1.1.48 over cellular networks just today on a Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-i9100) with Cyanogenmod 10.2 nightlies. In the "Data Usage"-list, BTsync appears with only a few kB, but seems to be on the rise from hour to hour, so something is happening. However, no sync at all happens over cellular (HSDPA+). In my home network, it works fine :-) The sync partner in this case is a Win7 PC on a university LAN. Syncing from the phone if it's connected to the _wireless_ LAN also doesn't work, neither to a laptop connected also to the WLAN. But between the PC (LAN) and the laptop (WLAN) sync works again just as well as in my home network. I have tested this with the folder preferecences tracker, DHT & relay server in various combinations without getting syncing over cellular networks running, or even the phone at least displaying something else than "0 devices online". What is the app set to connect to BTW: tracker or DHT?
  10. Hello! First off: Thanks a bunch for this useful syncing tool. It makes several tasks much easier for me and gives me peace of mind that cloud-syncing can't offer to the same degree. I have a feature request: UI warning when a device exceed the advanced setting "max_time_diff". The only indication for that currently seems to be that the device is shown with its IP address:port instead of its name and the fact that nothhin is syncing. I had this problem today and tried many folder settings combinations before noticing that one computer's clock was off by 15min. A warning "Device exceeds max_time_diff" or similar would have helped me a lot. Thanks and greetings!