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  1. I have been pushing BTS heavily on customers for close to 2 years, but also pointing out that it is in development. However a year ago I started moving customers away from BTS due to little niggles. They are all now using Goodsync. Whilst it is a paid for product, it's a one time deal. Last night I had the email offering a 25% discount for businesses, however that ship has long sailed. What the team needs to do is charge by volume.Most consumers will be backing up their libraries and probably wouldn't do much more that 100Gb, so 100Gb is free. Then have bands of data, so 200Gb is say $10
  2. [sOLVED] For unknown reasons this version is not installing on SBS 2003. It's not doing anything, not starting, nothing. downloaded twice and even used a file that installed on a W8 PC. Are the developers blocking installations on older OS's? 1.2.91 runs fine update: for reasons unknown, when i run the installation from the desktop it fails, however copying the file to another drive allowed the installation. Bit odd, but it's running!!
  3. "has over 1 million active users and had synced over 30 petabytes of data" - how many of those users are still active, and how many of those 30 petabytes of data was files that had to resync because bts randomly deleted entire folders? Maybe the way forward is to deal with the underlying issues with bts rather than pointing out the weaknesses in other syncing programmes
  4. Yep, its been like this for months over lots of versions. It's been heavily commented on, but the issue has yet to go away. The mods will remind you it's still in beta but nothing gets done.
  5. I'm going the opposite way, from BTS to GS. In trials it's apparent that the P2P side of GS doesn't actually do block level syncing so the files are pretty much resent whole for any small change. It's also possible that BTS syncs directly to another device whereas GS has to go via its server and that could be causing a bottleneck. Reason we are dropping BTS is that it's contantly overwritting newer files with old ones. It's highly documented over the last few weeks from different users. Maybe the new release addresses those problems.
  6. I don't have an answer, but what you describe has been happening to one of my clients, whole folders being deleted without reason and not appearing in syncarchive. I think there's serious issues in bts which is why we have dropped it for the time being
  7. I posted the same thing yesterday. Had a call today from the customer that uses bts across 6 laptops and we are abandoning bts. Not only is it missing files it's regularly overwritting newer files with old ones
  8. I saw those links and others, but none of these files have been anywhere near Outlook so hence the query
  9. Customer informed me that a sub folder from H onwards had no files, just folders. I have looked into it, going the lazy way first and looking at the server BTS folder size displayed 11.3GB in 10413 files. I looked at the remote laptop and it shows 11.3Gb in 10416 files. Ahh, they must be synced. However, checking the properties of the files/ folders (excluding bts folders).. Server 9674 files 11.7Gb Laptop 8930 files 10.4Gb As this is a new laptop it should have synced 100% with the server, so why does it say in bts it's 3 files different, but checking the folder properties its 744 fi
  10. I'm seeing a lot of files ending _Zone.Identifier. I can't find any one else with the same query, and it only appears in the sync folder any idea what they are? Are they safe to delete and resync? 1.1.82, Windows 7 x64, new i3 laptop cheers terry
  11. when you start bts it reindexs and compares to other nodes and syncs the changes, so it does what you're asking automatically
  12. I get it all the time. In the end I remote into all the devices (laptops), kill bts, copy the file(s) out to a local folder, delete the same file / part sync on the rest of the others sync machines, restart bts, let them all figure out its missing then add the file back.
  13. Update, one of the staff finally admitted (several hours later) that she had something on her screen. Seems her computer was infected cryptolocker virus which encrypted all their files on the shared drive.
  14. End user has noticed that all the files he now opens on the shared drive is no longer opening. The backups from the 14th are fine, which coincided with upgrading them to 1.1.82. It's not just recent files, randomly opened one from years ago are also corrupt. docs, xls, pdfs, the lot are all unable to be opened I'm hoping this is an isolated incident but felt it was prudent to alert you all